sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Friday, August 23, 2013

A Pattern of Governing

If it was a Republican administration, the liberals would be foaming at the mouths, dusting off their old hippie clothing and would take to the streets to be shot up with tear gas. But it's not a Republican in office, it is a Democrat and he's black. And the standard of governance has been that the Constitution has been relegated to "general guidelines" rather than the law of the land.

On Wednesday, the Nevada AFL-CIO passed a resolution declaring that "the unintended consequences of the ACA will lead to the destruction of the 40-hour work week." It's a very strange law whose only defining characteristic is that no one who favors it wants to be bound by it.
Meanwhile, on the very same day as the AFL-CIO was predicting the death of the 40-hour week, the University of Virginia announced plans to boot working spouses off its health plan beginning Jan. 1 because the Affordable Care Act has made it unaffordable: It's projected to add $7.3 million dollars to the university's bill in 2014 alone.
We know today that the the Affordable Care Act means whatever President Obama says it means on any particular day of the week, and that they feel that "tweeking it" without consultation from Congress is perfectly fine.

The public - is more or less brain dead because it's simply life in the ObamaNation.

Four Corner Monsters

There is only one place in America where four states meet and, oddly enough, it's called The Four Corners Region. There's not much to mark the spot besides the BLM survey marker and a few well maintained (at public expense) restrooms. The area around the marker is arid, but since it's better to be in the middle of nowhere than any other place on Earth, I've spent a few days and nights in that general locale. 

Other than the highways and the little BLM rest stop, the whole area is dominated by Indian reservations, which indicates that the place is a vast strip of wasteland.

I realize that some blog readers would have a hard time thinking that their government would screw the Indians and give them crap land (useful in modern times for constructing casinos). However, there are interesting things to see and do in Southeastern Utah, Southwestern Colorado, Northeastern Arizona and Northwestern New Mexico besides hunting horned toads. I think that Gilla Monsters are a protected species in Arizona now, but USGOV has not designated them as a protected species.

Nobody cared when I was a kid. Their bite is poisonous but if you wear heavy gloves with metal reinforcements (chain mail), their teeth won't penetrate and their formidable jaws lock on the steel, not your hand. They don't have fangs. The poison is in their saliva like a kimono dragon's, and it's completely lethal neurotoxin. The only way to get them to release (you take the glove off and leave it in their mouth and put another one on) is to dump them into a bucket of water. When you do that, they let go of the glove .

These days, Gila Monster poison is the prime ingredient in Byetta, a drug produced by Amylin Pharmaceuticals to treat diabetes. It is injected before eating morning and evening meals as part of a combination treatment with oral drugs. The FDA said it could be approved as a stand-alone treatment for diabetes. Who knew?

As a young man, I'd hunt them on a Honda 90 cc motorcycle. No, it's not a fast motorcycle, but the Gila Monster was not a fast lizard. They grunt and hiss at you and those tiny legs move faster than you'd think when they want to get away, but we sold those that we caught to one particular pet store in Phoenix, AZ, that sold to zoos worldwide. It paid for the camping trips and for the 1968 Honda that was eventually traded in for a 1970 model, which I gave to my oldest daughter as a birthday present a few years ago.

Pay-off: $100.00 cash per monster back when that was a lot of money. Capturing three or four monsters on any given trip was considered to be a huge coup. Of the nearly one dozen monster trips I made, we struck out on about half, contenting ourselves with riding motorcycles and shooting a soda cans with .22's.