sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Red Line Fever

"The president whose genius was going to talk Islamofascist Iran into submission can't even get America's closest ally to help us bomb a WMD-wielding terror state."

Today, the New York Times says if Obama attacks Syria, "he will look more isolated than any president in recent memory entering a conflict."

I don't blame the British, the French or the Germans for not wanting to follow the lead lemming off the cliff. And that is what our foolish president is to the rest of the thinking world. You may think that it's quaint that America would elect a completely incompetent fool - twice -  to lead them for the sake of not appearing to be racist, but that's not how the rest of the world looks at it. 

Increasingly, it's not how America looks at it anymore. The flash and pizzazz of our teleprompter reader doesn't translate into action. He can still sign stuff and make America miserable. He can still order ships to launch cruise missiles SUPPORTING Al Qaeda (whiskey-tango-foxtrot?) in Syria. But nobody else wants to play.

In 2007, Obama campaigned on being the talker who brought everyone together, remember? We're in the fifth year of the Obama presidency he still hasn't talked to Iran or Syria; he was just humiliated into canceling a Moscow summit. They don't want to talk to Obama; they want to continue to exploit his lack of leadership. He's a fool, and America has been supremely foolish - twice - in putting this moron into the White House.
Obama's first ambassador to Iraq, Christopher Hill, said of Britain's rebuff: "You could almost see it coming. When you don't have an overall diplomatic strategy, it's hard to marshal a coalition."
American power and prestige is descending under Obama. Russia, China and the Islamists are already filling the growing vacuum. They ignore Obama. Why not? I do to the extent possible myself.

Hot Seat

Ejection Seat Video Back before there were zero-zero ejection seats. (check this one too)

Ejecting from a jet aircraft (in flight or from the deck) is no small thing.

Rigid Seat Survival Kit

I know that they sell ejection seats and one day, when I'm worth a bundle, I will buy one for my man cave as a conversation piece (without the solid propellant rockets).