sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


I am not a golfer. However I do have friends who play scratch golf (no handicap), but I don't think that they golf nearly as often as Barack Obama does. Let's face it, Obama has more time to golf than most working people. When he's not golfing, he has his feet up on his desk, lecturing his twenty-something staff on how the world works. And the taxpayers fork over their hard earned money so that his staff will listen to him.

I've been working hard to find something good to say about our mean, small minded, incompetent leader and thought that I could perhaps compliment his golf game -- since that's where all of the big decisions on the future of America are apparently made. Sadly, he's not that good of a golfer, either.
(Reuters) Obama, an avid golfer with a respectable 17 handicap.
He throws a baseball like a girl.

He rides a bicycle like a retard.

Even though he played basketball at the private high school in Hawaii that he attended, by all accounts, he isn't very good at hoops --- which is why he sticks to golf --- which he does ALL the time and still can't get his handicap lower than 17.

And he gets all giddy and hides behind Michelle when watching a judo match from the sidelines.

Leader of the Free World, eh?


John Kerry - the progressive messiah...
My children! I will lead you to the promised land.

The First Words  -- that come to mind:

Barack Obama  =  Monkey with a hand grenade

Vlad Putin  =  Napoleon complex

John Kerry  =  Botox'd brain

Hillary Clinton  =  Bitch of Benghazi

Bill Clinton  =  Gets laid more than I do

Anthony Weiner (Carlos Danger)  =  Democratic Party Poster Child

Bashir al Assad  =  Just like daddy

The Middle East and North Africa = Sand, scorpions and assholes

The Obama White House  =  Goat circus

Welcome Sign

If you were a criminal, where would you rather go to ply your trade? In a state where people are disarmed and helpless or one where everyone is strapped and trained? I wonder why Hitler didn't invade Switzerland?

Aaron Alexis

The Washington Navy Yard shooter, Aaron Alexis reminds me of Barack Obama (and Trayvon Martin), except that Alexis did have a job before he left the Navy and Obama hasn't ever had a straight job. Alexis may have used a false identification to gain access to the navy base, and President Obama has half a dozen social security numbers (even though that's never mentioned in the press much these days -- I think that he settled on one SSN # after he became president).

Alexis, age 34, could be one of Obama's own brothers. Would he have gone to trial five years after his crime had not the police ended his shooting spree, the way Fort Hood assassin, Nidal Hasan did? Likely not, since Alexis never claimed to be a Muslim.

The administration has two ways that they look at these mass shootings on military bases:

President Barack Obama - Confiscate all firearms in America except those used to guard him. 
Which would have no effect on anything because 500 million firearms would still be in circulation in the US and basement gun factories would start turning out illegal weapons to meet the domestic demand.
Vice President Joe Biden - "Carry a double barrel shotgun and fire both rounds in the air." 
Too frigging stupid to even comment on.