sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Racism and ObamaCare

The Democratic Party's unassailable majority for the first two years of the Obama Presidency rammed ObamaCare (government run 'socialized' healthcare) down the throat of the nation without even an attempt at building a consensus. 

Those who suggested that small tweaks to the present system were usually branded as racists because that's how things work. If you disagree with Barack Obama and the Democratic Party, you are by default a racist.

Then the president rolled back the business mandate for a year because he didn't want to cause undue stress to business on the eve of a mid-term election (because it's all about winning elections). And forging ahead with the individual mandate, it's now the law that you pay the ObamaCare tax by buying incredibly expensive insurance whether you want it or you pay a fine for not buying insurance. Except that you can't sign up for insurance even if you want it because the website is broken. That's history now.

Snickering conservatives who suggest a measure of irony is present with the most liberal American president of all time would overseeing the most notable technological failure by the federal government, perhaps ever -- are being labeled as racist. The Federal Department of Health and Human Services had literally an unlimited budget to build a website. Millions of websites are built, some of them even more massive, every year. Most of those have budgets. But even given a blank check, the task was beyond those in the Obama Administration to implement. 

To Progressives: Do you really want a federal government that is so astonishingly incompetent that it can't create a website to sell insurance, to manage your healthcare? And is it racist to suggest that the architects of that botched the whole program are up to the task of essentially running 20% of the economy? And is simply making note of a screw-up of Biblical proportions -- by definition, "racist?"

It would be far cheaper and easier to simply provide direct subsidies, via tax credits, to the relatively narrow demographic band of those folks who want insurance but can’t afford it because of pre-existing conditions. Demolishing the current health insurance system is underway but of all the alternatives to the president’s plan -- to offer, a bigger, more centralized single payer plan would hardly be the frontrunner at this point.

The federal government is not now and never was a credible custodian of American's health insurance. The feds are not trustworthy. Think of the NSA scandal, the IRS scandal and the long list of failures during Obama's presidency and tell me that the government wouldn't use healthcare as a weapon against political opponents.  And suggesting that, is not racist. Recent history suggests that it's much more likely part of the inevitable implementation than not.