sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Racially Incorrect (Chapelle)

Ethnic Balance

It's not really interesting and it's not politically correct to discuss it, so according to the by-laws of my blog, I must address it.

Am I the only one who notices that every American television commercial, every television show, and all of the print media takes pains to insure racial and gender (including gender confused) diversity? Even white feminism is under attack from non-white feminists.

Note that it's rarely about "quality" so long as the appearance is adequate. The US is a Potemkin Village of political correctness in a world where black people refer to each other as "nigger" all of the time. It's cute when Samuel L. Jackson says it, right?

If I'm doing business with China, it makes sense that I hire Chinese people or at the very least, people with effective Chinese language skills. If I'm doing business in San Diego, California, my employees should know how to speak Spanish because many of the people who live along the US/Mexico Border are more comfortable speaking Spanish than they are English. 

I ordered food at a Taco Bell the other day through the drive through window and the worker would ONLY address me in Spanish. So we spoke Spanish. America's official language is English except where lax "progressive" US immigration policies have allowed a majority Hispanic population to accumulate. However I watch Mexican television programming and I find it odd that Telemundo doesn't offer a racial balance. Every actor in Mexican soap operas is a white skinned, attractive Hispanic person. No negroes, no "Americans", no Asians -- just Mexicans. Why is that? Why are there no dark skinned politicians in Mexico at the national decision making level? (no, not even one)

American prisons are interesting because prisoners group themselves based on race and race alone. No, it's not politically correct -- then again they're prisoners and racial enlightenment is not anticipated in that demographic.

Moving right along, finding a logical balance of ethnicity makes sense where it makes sense. Forcing it is awkward and doesn't advance anything. A television series that features a politically correct balance of negroes, whites, hispanics and "Asians" will always exclude non-politically correct under represented people such as East and American Indians, Eskimos and German Turks. 

In our plastic society, we naturally favor the politically correct racial blends to meet with pop culture without considering that most "Asians" for example, are very aware that all "Asians" are not of the same nationality or culture. And it's almost always insulting (even to me) when the US media paints them that way.

My point that we are a very shallow culture shouldn't surprise anyone. And the harder we try, the sillier it all becomes.