sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Obama's Mojo

Being of mixed race has taken Barack Obama a long way in American politics. There is no doubting that. He was elected twice to be the US President. Black people say (now) that it means nothing because they still need an advantage with college admissions, in hiring practices and in all aspects of life (affirmative action).

Today, the only legacy that President Obama will leave the nation is ObamaCare. It's a symbol of the National Socialism that he espouses and has tried his best to ram down the throat of the nation.

Pres. Obama has vowed that his signature healthcare program will not be repealed while he's President. However, the Mojo that swept him into office seems to be wearing off because he own Party is hinting seriously that repeal may be the remedy, the only option to stave off disaster.

Sunday Funnies

AND -- today we can't build a website to sell
health insurance… oh, how far we've come.

VP Joe Biden steps off Air Force 2 in Beijing to meet with Chinese
leaders in an attempt to "solve problems". He is met by a ceremonial
guard detail and comments to his hosts to get things off on the right

You picked a fine time to leave me Blue Shield.