sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Sunday, December 22, 2013


GLAAD (formerly known as the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) is an American based organization that monitors the media to promote the image of homosexuals. They have a twisted sense of priorities as set forth below.

It was GLAAD that went on the attack against reality TV star Phil Robertson who suggested that sodomy was a sin (which it is according to the Bible). They are strangely silent when it comes to Muslims castrating homosexual men or executing homosexuals. I wonder why that is? Maybe they fear being labeled "Islamophobic"?


Barbara Walters has her top ten most fascinating people of 2013. I figure if she can have ten, I can have eleven or even twelve. Think about it, Barbara is just a dried-up liberal has-been with a speech impediment. 

The top twelve most fascinating people of 2013.

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY)

He might be the next US President.

Opus #6, famous blogger and doctor

Who wouldn't want to chat with Doctor Opus #6? Who doesn't find her fascinating?

Bill O'Reilly, Talk Show Host/Author

The spin stops with Bill.

Old NFO, famous Naval Flight Officer
and firearms instructor

Some say that the spin starts here…  ;^)

He's below Opus #6 on this list because despite his strident assertions, he's NOT as cute as Opus #6.

Vladimir Putin, Russian Federation Pres.

Russian strong man - I'd like to go deer hunting, trout fishing or something along that line with Vladimir. Neither one of us think much of Obama - or Biden - or Holder - or Pelosi, etc. Sodomites are not high on his list either and you'll never see him wearing a cotton onesie, drinking cocoa no matter how cold it is. He's not a communist and Obama is, in a strange, surreal reversal. So even though he's the enemy, I have more in common with the godless Russian czar than American political leadership, which is very friggin' weird.

Putin even likes women - go figure. How politically incorrect is THAT in the USA? (unless you're a homosexual woman, then preferring women to men is just fine)

WoFat, famous crime fighter

Rumor has it that both Putin (above) and the Pope (below) go to WoFat for advice. Thus he makes the 'fascinating list'.

Pope Francis

I'm not a Catholic, but I'd be interested to understand more fully what the new Pope plans to do and how he plans to do it.

Woodsterman, uber famous blogger

Woodsterman, icon of the Internet, ends up on the other side of the Pope, but in an enviable position none the less because he's on top of Charlize...

Charlize Theron, movie star

Charlize Theron makes the list and if anyone wants to know why, they need professional help that I can't provide.

I privately suspect that Charlize harbors feelings for me even though we've never met...

Brighid, blogger - cow and mellon
farmer - trout slayer

Birghid made the list simply because she has nice legs and a Jack Russell terrier.

EAFTINFO (alias Wm. Keller),
famous marksman

The eleventh entry, thus throwing down the gauntlet to Barbara Walters is EAFTINFO, who Barbara would not want to challenge to a shooting match. He's fascinating because he can hit a crow in flight in the eye at 100 meters with a broken pellet gun…while blindfolded…on a moonless night…in an ice storm…while he has chicken pox and a fever of 106 degrees…and a two fractured hands with severe frostbite.

Race Bannon, famous cartoon tough guy,
and blogger.

Let's face it, Race Bannon, seen left, hurting after a work out, is no spring chicken. BUT, even though he's getting just a little long in the tooth, he can still snap necks and cash his princely government checks.

His show was canceled and he's not guarding Dr. Benton Quest anymore, but he's still blogging for justice.

CS Swanson, famous Norse god