sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Friday, January 31, 2014


Friday Afternoon

Yes, it's twisted.

STICK DEATH - Auto Theft Compendium

If you didn't like stick death, you won't like this either

deleted scenes

US Energy Policy in Nevada

In early 2012, the BLM was scheduled to auction 75 Nevada oil and gas leases covering 133,000 acres. At the last moment, however, the agency reduced the auction to 42 leases covering only 72,000 acres. According to BLM officials, these lands included sage-grouse habitat, and the bird could conceivably, one day, be considered “endangered.”
(Las Vegas Review Journal) In 1995, the U.S. Geological Survey estimated that the Chainman Shale formation in Nevada could contain as much as 383 million barrels of undiscovered oil, as well as 242 billion cubic feet of natural gas. Ten years later, using more sophisticated modeling techniques, the USGS. upgraded that estimate to 1.598 billion barrels of oil and 1.836 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. 
In other words, Eastern Nevada could be sitting on one of the most energy-rich rock formations in the entire world. Around the time of the updated estimate, one oil developer told Las Vegas reporters, “You have the richest largest organic mature rock source anyplace in the world except Saudi Arabia or Kuwait. … There is no doubt, I can assure you 100 percent, you are sitting on some of the greatest wealth in this country and the world.” 
However, before oil and gas developers can begin realizing this vast energy potential for Nevada, a major obstacle must be overcome: The Chainman Shale formation lies almost entirely under land controlled by the federal government. Without federal permission, these resources cannot be tapped. 
US Energy Policy under the Obama Administration has focused on green energy. The "green and clean agenda" has pushed $100 billion in public tax money to direct subsidies of wind, solar, biofuels and electric cars. Despite those efforts, renewables account for less than 3% of American consumption.

America needs a domestic energy policy that focuses on growing the economy and providing security in an uncertain and nuclear armed Middle East (thanks Barack). America now produces more oil and gas than any country in the world. We're also number one in nuclear energy and number two in coal production. Because of the shale revolution, oil and gas output will continue to grow for the foreseeable future. Domestic consumption of gasoline and other petroleum products is falling , mainly because we continue to use fossil fuels more efficiently. At the same time, because of the greater use of natural gas for power generation and industrial boilers, greenhouse gas emissions are lower today than they were 20 years ago, even though the economy has expanded by more than half.

The US needs to develop oil fields in Nevada and elsewhere that sit under US public lands to make the nation an oil exporter. (We currently import oil from Canada and Mexico) To the extent countries like China, India and Indonesia use our gas instead of their coal to generate electricity, America is helping to fight climate change as well.

Building pipelines is the most efficient way of taking that oil produced in Nevada and elsewhere from the point of production to the point of distribution. 

I don't know why the Democratic Party fails to grasp this. I can only opine that (1) The oil exploration companies aren't kicking back enough to the DNC (Chicago Style) (2) The railroads are flooding the DNC with money and the concerns building the pipeline are not offering enough discrete private money to key DNC faithful (Chicago Style).

Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Bioiversity File

(Denmark Technical University Report) By sheer coincidence, Canadian researchers have discovered a reef of living cold-water corals in southern Greenland. The first-ever Greenlandic reef is located in southwest Greenland and was formed by cold-water corals with hard limestone skeletons. There are several species of coral in Greenland, but this is the first time that an actual reef has been found. And here all of the 'global warming' crowd has said that coral will all die off as the warm water coral cools off. (due to global warming - go figure, and whatever)

Greenland Coral
Normally, coral reefs are associated with the tropics, but they are also found in cold waters. While the tropical coral reefs depend on light to survive, cold-water coral reefs live in total darkness, at depths the sun's rays never penetrate. Nevertheless, they have many colourful residents and many different kinds of organisms living in them.

Coral reefs are built up of thousands of small coral animals that live in a large colony which forms a common limestone skeleton. While hot water corals obtain some of the energy they need to grow from the light-dependent green algae which live in the corals, cold water coral get all their nourishment from small animals, which they catch. Thus, they are not dependent on light and can live in very deep water.

If I'd found it, I would have gone straight to the Nobel Committee in the hopes of being awarded a peace prize so I could be recognized as being as progressive as Al Gore, Barack Obama and Yasser Arafat and the Obama mentor, Jimmy Carter. After finding coral is something. Obama didn't do anything and Gore lied about science. Yasser killed Jews for fun and profit and Carter - wasn't he frightened by a rabbit once?

Politics of Oil

The US needs a pipeline (the Keystone Pipeline) to transport oil from where it is drawn from the ground to where it needs to go to be refined or exported. Don't expect any help from USGOV anytime soon with that. Presently all oil shipped from North Dakota and Montana goes by rail. I smell a pay-off in all of this - but that's how it rolls in Chicago, isn't it?
(Bloomberg) The U.S. oil boom has put European refineries out of business and undercut West African crude suppliers. Now domestic drillers threaten to roil Asian markets and challenge producers in the Middle East and South America. 
Fifteen European refineries have closed in the past five years, with a 16th due to shut this year, the International Energy Agency said, as the U.S. went from depending on fuel from Europe to being a major exporter to the region. Nigeria, which used to send the equivalent of a dozen supertankers of crude a month to the U.S., now ships fewer than three, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. And cheap oil from the Rocky Mountains, where output has grown 31 percent since 2011, will soon allow West Coast companies to cut back on imports of pricier grades from Saudi Arabia and Venezuela that they process for customers in Asia, the world’s fastest-growing market.
“When historians write this story 10 or 20 years from now, they are going to look at a very different U.S.,” said Verleger, the former Treasury Department official. “Everything has changed.”

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Patriot Poppers

Promised to rule by
decree from now on.
This is a re-post of a Duffleblog article. The Duffleblog is one of the more 'legitimate' sources of snarky but disturbingly close-to-the-mark information that comes out of the Department of Defense and US Military in general. Following things like the State of the Union Address where the President of the United States vows to ignore Congress and rule by fiat, the snarky sometimes seems far too real.

In a country where the President of the United States can use the Internal Revenue Service and Department of Justice as vehicles to attack his political opponents and those who voice opposition to his policies, what is "snark an farce" anymore? Every time something new is revealed such as BATFE "walking" guns to Mexican drug cartels - or the Benghazi lies - or "If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor - PERIOD," the joking becomes a lot less funny.

ARLINGTON, VA — The Department of Homeland Security has purchased more than one billion rounds of a newly designed 9mm handgun round designated “domestic anti-personnel,” developed in part by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, and manufactured in China by NORINCO, a Duffel Blog investigation has uncovered.

Nicknamed “Patriot Poppers,” the ammunition was originally conceptualized as the round to “guard against those guarding against tyranny.” According to government documents, the design is extremely effective at creating permanent tissue damage to unarmored doughy middle-aged targets.

“It won’t really penetrate any significant body armor, but that stuff is illegal to purchase anyway,” said Regina Dugan, a DARPA spokesperson speaking to reporters only on background. “These are for pacification of the law-abiding, protest prone people: Truthers, Birthers, you know the type. Don’t quote me on that.”

The new DAP round represents a great leap forward in ammunition design,” said David Lo Pan, spokesman for NORINCO North America. “While the new round is not armor-piercing, it can easily penetrate the Old Testament, The Book of Mormon, iPhones, fanny packs, pocket-sized constitutions, Members Only jackets, frock coats, powdered wigs, and picket signs.”

The flashy new design is also attracting attention from private firearm enthusiasts interested in exercising their 2nd amendment rights. Following the State of the Union address however, President Obama preemptively signed an executive order designating the round for Law Enforcement and Military use only.

The National Rifle Association and the National Association for Gun Rights have vowed to fight the state and federal restrictions, as well as challenge the fiscal and legal grounds of the bulk purchase itself. The NRA called the executive order “an unconstitutional executive fiat,” while the NAGR decried the government’s alleged moral and fiscal impropriety.

DHS Director Jeh Johnson attempted to justify the purchase, quickly releasing a statement to address some misconceptions taking hold on blogs and talk radio.

We’ve provided his full statement below:
“Look, I don’t know what people are getting so worked up about. Your local neighborhood cop isn’t carrying these bullets to kill your common criminals or illegal immigrants; even though he might have to do those things in very unusual situations. He’s carrying these bullets because we foresee a need to shoot and kill anti-government extremists and PTSD-addled veterans. Does anyone really not get that? The Domestic Anti-Personnel round is nothing more than a tool that was explicitly designed for that legitimate purpose.
This new round is a windfall for the American people. These rounds cost a fraction of the military grade ammunition. They are smaller and lower powered, which saves taxpayers money. Because to be honest, it just doesn’t take much lead and powder to put one of those taxpayers down.”

Galactic Construction

Astronomers have discovered what could be a never-before-seen river of hydrogen flowing through space. This very faint, very tenuous filament of gas is streaming into the nearby galaxy NGC 6946 and may help explain how certain spiral galaxies keep up their steady pace of star formation.

Ref: D. J. Pisano. GREEN BANK TELESCOPE OBSERVATIONS OF LOW COLUMN DENSITY H I AROUND NGC 2997 AND NGC 6946. The Astronomical Journal, 2014; 147 (3): 48 DOI: 10.1088/0004-6256/147/3/48
"We knew that the fuel for star formation had to come from somewhere. So far, however, we've detected only about 10 percent of what would be necessary to explain what we observe in many galaxies," said Pisano. "A leading theory is that rivers of hydrogen -- known as cold flows -- may be ferrying hydrogen through intergalactic space, clandestinely fueling star formation. But this tenuous hydrogen has been simply too diffuse to detect, until now."
Spiral galaxies, like our own Milky Way, typically maintain a rather tranquil but steady pace of star formation. Others, like NGC 6946, which is located approximately 22 million light-years from Earth on the border of the constellations Cepheus and Cygnus, are much more active, though less-so than more extreme starburst galaxies. This raises the question of what is fueling the sustained star formation in this and similar spiral galaxies.

It would seem that cold hydrogen is siphoned off one galaxy to feed star formation in another. In looking at NGC 6946, the GBT detected just the sort of filamentary structure that would be present in a cold flow, though there is another probable explanation for what has been observed. It's also possible that sometime in the past this galaxy had a close encounter and passed by its neighbors, leaving a ribbon of neutral atomic hydrogen in its wake.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Missing Honeybees

Bee feeds larva in a hive
Four pesticides commonly used on crops to kill insects and fungi also kill honeybee larvae within their hives, according to new research. Scientists also found that N-methyl-2-pyrrolidone -- an inert, or inactive, chemical commonly used as a pesticide additive -- is highly toxic to honeybee larvae.

Four pesticides commonly used on crops to kill insects and fungi also kill honeybee larvae within their hives, according to Penn State and University of Florida researchers. The team also found that N-methyl-2-pyrrolidone (NMP) -- an inert, or inactive, chemical commonly used as a pesticide additive -- is highly toxic to honeybee larvae.

Forager bees bring back to the hive an average of six different pesticides on the pollen they collect. Nurse bees use this pollen to make beebread, which they then feed to honeybee larvae.

To examine the effects of four common pesticides -- fluvalinate, coumaphos, chlorothalonil and chlorpyrifos -- on bee larvae, the researchers reared honeybee larvae in their laboratory. They then applied the pesticides alone and in all combinations to the beebread to determine whether these insecticides and fungicides act alone or in concert to create a toxic environment for honeybee growth and development.
Journal Reference: 
Wanyi Zhu, Daniel R. Schmehl, Christopher A. Mullin, James L. Frazier. Four Common Pesticides, Their Mixtures and a Formulation Solvent in the Hive Environment Have High Oral Toxicity to Honey Bee Larvae. PLoS ONE, 2014; 9 (1): e77547 DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0077547
The researchers also investigated the effects of NMP on honeybee larvae by adding seven concentrations of the chemical to a pollen-derived, royal jelly diet. NMP is used to dissolve pesticides into formulations that then allow the active ingredients to spread and penetrate the plant or animal surfaces onto which they are applied. The team fed their treated diet, containing various types and concentrations of chemicals, to the laboratory-raised bee larvae.

Among the four pesticides, honeybee larvae were most sensitive to chlorothalonil. They also were negatively affected by a mixture of chlorothalonil with fluvalinate. In addition, the larvae were sensitive to the combination of chlorothalonil with the miticide coumaphos. In contrast, the addition of coumaphos significantly reduced the toxicity of the fluvalinate and chlorothalonil mixture.
According to Chris Mullin, professor of entomology, Penn State, these pesticides may directly poison honeybee larvae or they may indirectly kill them by disrupting the beneficial fungi that are essential for nurse bees to process pollen into beebread.

"Chronic exposure to pesticides during the early life stage of honeybees may contribute to their inadequate nutrition or direct poisoning with a resulting impact on the survival and development of the entire bee brood," he said.
The researchers note that fluvalinate and coumaphos are commonly used by beekeepers on crops to control Varroa mites, and are found to persist within beehives for about five years. Chlorothalonil is a broad-spectrum agricultural fungicide that is often applied to crops in bloom when honeybees are present for pollination because it is currently deemed safe to bees. Chlorpyrifos is a widely used organophosphate in crop management.
"Our findings suggest that the common pesticides chlorothalonil, fluvalinate, coumaphos and chloropyrifos, individually or in mixtures, have statistically significant impacts on honeybee larval survivorship," Mullin said. "This is the first study to report serious toxic effects on developing honeybee larvae of dietary pesticides at concentrations that currently occur in hives."

Obama's American Hustle

The White House said over the weekend that President Obama plans to bypass Congress because it won't do what he wants it to. Yet again, this president goes outside the law and acts as if he were a monarch.

The Associated Press is reporting that Obama's "top advisers warned Sunday in previewing Tuesday's State of the Union speech" that the president "will work with Congress where he can and circumvent lawmakers where he must."

White House press secretary Jay Carney is on record notifying the country that "the president sees this as a year of action to work with Congress where he can and to bypass Congress where necessary."

This has been a recurring theme of the Obama presidency in the effort to bring you "a radically transformed America". 

One can only speculate on the levels they are willing to go to in order to maintain the US Senate in Democratic Party control. A Republican Senate would change the Washington landscape and would threaten the imperial president with potential impeachment.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Exploring the Human Condition

The odds are greater that you will die on your way to get your lottery tickets than they are on winning the lottery. This fact is lost on the welfare recipients who throw half of their government check into lottery tickets. Then again when it's "free money", the whole of society is skewed.

Covered in Crisco
Looking for a Party (high propensity Democratic Party voter)


Note that they thoughtfully made it low enough for young boys to use.



you get the horn

And the final entry -- 



Uh, sure. That makes perfect sense to me.

There is always more Kool Aid to drink...

Let's get the homosexuals to solve the Rhino poaching problem for the world. And maybe we could extend it to RINO's too while we're at it?

The Perfect Pairing

Halloween - apparently yet not over

Please Don't Demonstrate

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday Morning

"Grandpa, will you make me pancakes and bacon for breakfast, please?"

Our job is not to toughen our children up to face a cruel and heartless world. Our job is to raise children and grandchildren who will make the world a little less cruel and heartless.

Dawn - Mission to Ceres and Vesta

There would seem to be enough water on the Ice Dwarf Planet, Ceres, which orbits in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, to replace all of the water on Earth. So much for evil aliens attacking us for our water. As everyone knows, they really want to suck our brains out and experiment on cows, leaving crop circles in the American Midwest. (and yes, Mars Attacks, the film, is a documentary)
(NASA/JPL) December 16, 2013- PASADENA, Calif. -- Some beauty is revealed only at a second glance. When viewed with the human eye, the giant asteroid Vesta, which was the object of scrutiny by the Dawn spacecraft from 2011 to 2012, is quite unspectacular color-wise. Vesta looks grayish, pitted by a variety of large and small craters. 
But scientists at the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research in Katlenburg-Lindau, Germany, have re-analyzed the images of this giant asteroid obtained by Dawn's framing camera. They assigned colors to different wavelengths of light and, in the process, revealed in unprecedented detail not only geological structures that are invisible to the naked eye, but also landscapes of incomparable beauty.
Aelia Crater - flowing on the planetoid, Vesta
Crater Antonia on the planetoid, Vesta
Dawn visited Vesta from July 2011 to September 2012. The spacecraft is currently on its way to its second destination, the dwarf planet Ceres. 

Plumes of water vapor are thought to shoot up periodically from Ceres when portions of its icy surface warm slightly. Ceres is classified as a dwarf planet, a solar system body bigger than an asteroid and smaller than a planet.
"This is the first time water vapor has been unequivocally detected on Ceres or any other object in the asteroid belt and provides proof that Ceres has an icy surface and an atmosphere," said Michael Küppers of ESA in Spain, lead author of a paper in the journalNature. 
The results come at the right time for NASA's Dawn mission, which is on its way to Ceres now after spending more than a year orbiting the large asteroid Vesta. Dawn is scheduled to arrive at Ceres in the spring of 2015, where it will take the closest look ever at its surface. 
"We've got a spacecraft on the way to Ceres, so we don't have to wait long before getting more context on this intriguing result, right from the source itself," said Carol Raymond, the deputy principal investigator for Dawn at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif. "Dawn will map the geology and chemistry of the surface in high resolution, revealing the processes that drive the outgassing activity." 
For the last century, Ceres was known as the largest asteroid in our solar system. But in 2006, the International Astronomical Union, the governing organization responsible for naming planetary objects, reclassified Ceres as a dwarf planet because of its large size. It is roughly 590 miles (950 kilometers) in diameter. When it first was spotted in 1801, astronomers thought it was a planet orbiting between Mars and Jupiter. Later, other cosmic bodies with similar orbits were found, marking the discovery of our solar system's main belt of asteroids.
Scientists believe Ceres contains rock in its interior with a thick mantle of ice that, if melted, would amount to more fresh water than is present on all of Earth. The materials making up Ceres likely date from the first few million years of our solar system's existence and accumulated before the planets formed.

Until now, ice had been theorized to exist on Ceres but had not been detected conclusively. It took Herschel's far-infrared vision to see, finally, a clear spectral signature of the water vapor. But Herschel did not see water vapor every time it looked. While the telescope spied water vapor four different times, on one occasion there was no signature.

Here is what scientists think is happening: when Ceres swings through the part of its orbit that is closer to the sun, a portion of its icy surface becomes warm enough to cause water vapor to escape in plumes at a rate of about 6 kilograms (13 pounds) per second. When Ceres is in the colder part of its orbit, no water escapes.
"The lines are becoming more and more blurred between comets and asteroids," said Seungwon Lee of JPL, who helped with the water vapor models along with Paul von Allmen, also of JPL. "We knew before about main belt asteroids that show comet-like activity, but this is the first detection of water vapor in an asteroid-like object."

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Taking Time out to tHiNk

Will the zombie apocalypse come before the space alien invasion or after it. This is important because aliens who like sucking human brains may leave the planet with a bad taste in their mouths (or whatever passes for a mouth) if everyone (that they can catch) is a zombie when they show up. 

Old Man's Night Out

The Eagles on stage

What does an old broken down white guy looking down the road toward sixty, do on a Friday night when there's not much else to do?

I was asking myself that question when my daughter, Heather, asked me if I wanted to go hear some other old broken down old white men on the other side of sixty, play in a band in Inglewood, CA. 

I used to go to Inglewood all of the time to watch the LA Kings play ice hockey at The Forum. It was the only time that there were white people in Inglewood at night (besides the cops). I didn't worry all that much back then because I carried a .45 ACP with four spare magazines, and that can equalize against a platoon of inner city ninjas who tilt their firearms to the side to shoot ghetto style and don't use the sights. Anyone standing near me would need to wear body armor, but I'd be perfectly safe. Those of you who have played the inner city game will understand this eternal truth. Drive-by shootings in the inner city almost always rack up a body count of innocent unfortunates. The original target retaliates a day later killing more innocent by-standers, prompting other drive-by's in an eternal struggle. 

Heather said that they rebuilt The Forum and to honor the grand opening, THE EAGLES were playing. Now, I like a lot of bands, but there is no band that I like better than the Eagles. In fact, I'd fight my way through a battalion of gold chain wearing, crack dealing, ninjas to watch the Eagles just warm up for a concert. 

Gley Frey, Don Henley, Joe Walsh, Timothy Schmidt, a reappearance by Bernie Leadon and Steuart Smith playing guitar on stage at the forum for THREE HOURS. That's about as much heaven as a man can handle.

Joe Walsh had been on the wrong end of a bottle when the Eagles reorganized for the Hell Freezes Over tour - and it saved him. Walsh has never been better - and he was pretty damned good when he was young. Henley's voice hasn't aged and Frey is GLEN frigging Frey.

And when we went back out to the car in the parking lot after the amazing concert had ended, the car had not been stripped and left on blocks. How's THAT for luck?


Friday, January 24, 2014



He'll be fine

Some people survive time in custody better than others. It's never nice, but they will make do as best they can. Justin Bieber -- will simply make a lot of new, loving, friends who will refer to him as "the Beaver". Don't bother sending him soap on a rope. However, Preparation H would be appreciated.

Deciding what is REALLY Important in America

Michelle Obama's white ancestors 
were ugly.

( First Lady Michelle Obama always suspected that she had poor white sharecropper ancestors who mated with her negro field hand ancestors. bores down to the bottom of the barrel and finds out that the whites couldn't find other whites who wanted them and they made do with Michelle's kin. There was a reunion of ugly people (see link above) but Michelle didn't attend -- because she's angry, and usual.

But she may be able to put that all behind her if she's allowed to travel and go on vacation once she's no longer First Person (was -- First Lady but that's sexist).

The change to First Person came about because the Democratic Party is planning for a Hillary Clinton presidency where Bill can't be referred to as, "the First Lady". While Hillary is making all of the big moves, Bill will be cutting interns out of the herd and if he's "First Lady", it would paint him as a male lesbian. The "cigar dipping" former president may indeed be a male lesbian, but it is simply bad politics to acknowledge it. It's not unlike Barack preferring young male golf partners to poor angry, bitter, scorned, Michelle. The facts represent an inconvenient truth - book by the same name written by former presidential contender Al Gore.

More Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts

I followed this general strategy and it worked. Four daughters later, each found somebody eventually who was brave enough (or stupid enough) to marry into the family.

This t-shirt appeals to me - but only if it's real blood. 
Fake blood is just wrong somehow isn't it?

I don't like to pretend that they're dead. It takes all the fun out of it, unless they really are dead. Then you spray Round-Up on the grass at the gravesite as a 'gesture'.

The sun is always over the yard arm somewhere on the planet. If you need an excuse, that one will work.

Have you ever noticed how infrequently fat people are kidnapped?  A former colleague called me the other day and expressed concern that they were a possible kidnap target. My strategy: Gain a few hundred pounds and you'll have no worries. I'm simply here to help.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Passing It On

My oldest daughter has two boys and I took the three of them to the March Air Force Base Museum. It's important that they get a sense of history from those of us who have lived through some of it and can put a personal twist on it.

Upper left - I sit at the flight simulator with 2.5 year old Cannon and we fly the aircraft through digital space. He loves airplanes and liked the simulator room best of all.

Middle Left - The Flight Line. There is an F-102 Delta Dagger, flown by President George W. Bush.

Lower Left - One of my favorite jets, the F-100 Super Saber. The Hun had 4 20 mm cannons and while it was a fuel hog, it was one heck of a jet. The pre-fly-by-wire combat aircraft appeal to me. The Hun was a single seat rocket and chewed up a lot of North Vietnamese turf.

Upper Right - The nozzle of a Space Shuttle. We're all touching something that had been to space and returned.

Lower Right - We're in front of an SR-71 Blackbird. It would have been cooler if it was an A-12 Oxcart (combat version of the venerated design), but as it, the experience was very good for the boys.