sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Monday, February 24, 2014




I am not a cat person. 

I don't hate cats. I don't own cat skin gloves or any cat products in my house including but not limited to a cat pelt covered footstool. I prefer cow leather. Over the years, I've asked myself whether modifying cat behavior might make them more acceptable. You can find any answer on the Internet. I stumbled upon BONSAI KITTEN, a reliable way to both train and shape your cat. And here I thought that the only thing that interested Asians about cats was cat recipes. It shows how narrow my experience has been.

Take a look at their guestbook. Apparently this really works.


The conservative filmmaker behind a hit anti-Obama documentary who subsequently was charged with violating federal campaign laws said Friday there’s a sense the president “treats his critics not merely as people who disagree but as enemies.”
Dinesh D’Souza: “I am a public critic of the president and I do recognize this has made me to some degree vulnerable to some forms of counterattack.”
D’Souza and his co-producer on “2016,” Gerald Molen, are teaming up again for a new film “America,” which Molen said will be released on schedule in July 2014 regardless of what happens in D’Souza’s case.

D’Souza said it “was very clear the film got under his (Obama’s) skin.”

The feature film, "2016" explained who Barack Obama is by examining his mysterious past. I suspect that the president would prefer to define that himself without outside scrutiny. Too late. It was the second highest grossing political film of all time.