sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Monday, April 14, 2014

Mile High

(Fox News - Story and Video) Is the Love Cloud a way to cheat the system and do it one mile up?  I suspect that it's a matter of perspective, but if it's on your bucket list - why not? 

However, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind before you book a flight on the Love Cloud that might tend to negate the provisions of the average guy or gal's bucket list. 

  • It's not with an on-duty flight attendant, so does it really count?
  • It involves no subterfuge - removing some of the fun on a commercial aircraft.
  • It's not a chance meeting in First Class on a regularly scheduled flight from here to there with a super model who can't keep her hands off you...

There is a company in Las Vegas that will fly you around one mile up (40 minutes for $800) and you can stay up longer ---- as long as it takes until your money or your vigor expires.

Might you feel a bit rushed? Possible. I guess that it depends on who you're with.  

The pilot is said to wear noise-canceling headphones, but trust me, even in a Cessna 421, the pilot will feel you as you move around in the back of the fuselage. I don't think that they do special requests - a trapeze will not fit inside the fuselage of a C-421. However soft restraints will and they recommend that you bring your own 'marital aids'. If you don't have them with you -- it's Vegas, baby! You can buy whatever you want locally.

No, I've never tried it in a commercially prepared love machine such as this one. As a result, you're on your own and what happens in Vegas, stays there.