sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Sun and the Climate

Scientists have discovered new evidence to suggest that lightning on Earth is triggered not only by cosmic rays from space, but also by energetic particles from the sun. Researchers found a link between increased thunderstorm activity on Earth and streams of high-energy particles accelerated by the solar wind, offering compelling evidence that particles from space help trigger lightning bolts.

Even though the notion the weather events are not completely caused by me mowing my lawn with a gasoline powered lawnmower are odious to the Green Lobby, some scientists believe that the results  of the research cited here could prove useful for weather forecasters, since these solar wind streams rotate with the Sun, sweeping past Earth at regular intervals, accelerating particles into Earth's atmosphere. As these streams can be tracked by spacecraft, this offers the potential for predicting the severity of hazardous weather events many weeks in advance.

Could the sun have something to do with global warming, global cooling, climate change or whatever the climate crazed progressives are ranting about at the moment (whenever that moment is)? It would seem so. As the Obama Administration is poised to blame the internal combustion engine (only in the USA) for all of the "climate disruption" - it might not hurt if they looked "up" now and then. Maybe that's not the ONLY cause for "climate disruption". They could also look "down" at volcanoes. But that would require looking and we wouldn't want them to do THAT now, would we?

You could control climate change more effectively if you could simply change
weather on the Sun... or you can recycle.

Professor Giles Harrison, head of Reading's Department of Meteorology and co-author of the ERL article, said: "In increasing our understanding of weather on Earth we are learning more about its important links with space weather. Bringing the topics of Earth Weather and Space Weather ever closer requires more collaborations between atmospheric and space scientists."

I have no problem with recycling and eco-friendly conduct. In fact, I'm a proponent of doing that, planting trees and a whole host of things that serve to make things better and cleaner. We can reduce pollution through responsible behavior. I simply find that the nexus between that behavior and 'climate change' to be far fetched.