sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Observation: Snake in the Garden

It's almost 8 pm in Oslo and the peace of the previous scene was disrupted by swarthy people who didn't speak Norwegian demonstrating on the steps of the Norwegian Legislature (you can see the building in the previous post). I went out with my cell phone and took photos of the various and sundry angry illegal alien Muslims. You'll note that there are two Norwegians present (in addition to the uniformed police and secret police). They want to boycott McDonalds Hamburgers (over 58 billion sold) for some reason. I suspect that the protesting Norwegians own Big Olaf's hamburgers across the street and can't keep up.

Gathering of illegal aliens in Oslo, protesting Israel - and feeling good
about themselves. I suggested to one sand-negro that he might be better
off facing the IDF in Gaza than shouting "Allah u Akhbar" in Oslo.
-----------He looked at me like a cow at a passing train.
The loneliest Palestinian in Oslo. Everyone else was down the street, protesting.
Gathering of angry Muslims with bull horns. They scream in the bull horns
and the Muslims in the crowd scream back. Typical warm up for the riot.
Police staged for riot suppression.
I walked up to this very pretty police officer and asked to take her picture. She
replied, "why?" I said, "Because you're smoking hot." She blushed and posed.
Stoic beauty in BDU's (sigh).

Norway has a secret police force called, Politiets Sikkerhetstjeneste "The Secret Police". I tagged nine of them in the crowd, but didn't photograph them. I asked one of them, "Investigator, if I take your photo, will I end up in jail?" He smiled and said, "Yes, but in Norway the jails are like five star hotels, the only thing lacking is room service."  I said that I didn't think that I'd survive without room service and didn't take his photo. Even though their organizational name sounds disturbingly like the old German Sicherheitsdienst (SS)**, they do have a sense of humor.
**Sicherheitsdienst des Reichsführers-SS, or SD, was the intelligence branch of the SS and the Nazi Party, a sister agency to the Gestapo.
Their firearms are locked in the police cars...makes no sense to me.

Dog Days of Summer

Central Oslo Hotel District
I finished my work with the Norwegian Defense Research Institute (Forsvarets Forskningsinstitutt), located outside Oslo in time to do a bit of walk about. Many Norwegians remain on vacation, which means that the streets are populated by more tourists than by Norwegians than in the rest of the year.

There are more than a few Norwegian flags, and yes, the Norwegian National
Police are present to keep things in order.
Viking Drakkars float in the fjord with Oslo City Hall in the background.
The weather has been changeable. It rains, then there is sun, then rain and then sun. It underscores the need to keep an umbrella close.

Norwegian Parliament, a block from the hotel
One of the Norwegians that I'm working with lives about 40 kilometers north of Oslo, in the forrest. He said that they have had wolves in the area. He recently saw one near his home. You can be out of Central Oslo and into the countryside in about thirty minutes. Norway is a place of incredible beauty. And there seems to be a serious commitment to personal fitness in the population.


I think that the Viking has been bred out of most Norwegians these days: