sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Friday, August 15, 2014

Fjord Porn

My business in Norway continues with a trip far afield today to deal with some interesting issues and meet some interesting people. The best part of the whole thing is the countryside, which I have pointed out before as sparsely populated, wild and beautiful. I mean, if you have packs of wolves roaming around your home, it is classified as 'wild'.

The water, as usual, calls to me. I love the ocean. I love everything about the ocean and if you look at a map of Norway, the place is all coastline.

I have no interest in doing a "cruise ship trip". The cattle boats have no appeal to me. However there are small style cruises (20 people on the ship) that ply Norwegian Fjords in the summer. Ok, I'm hooked. Next summer for sure. You can stop and fish for cod that the chef will cook for supper. There is nothing quite as good as freshly caught cod BBQ'd fresh and eaten at sea. (Viking blood coming out? Maybe...)

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