sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Monday, August 18, 2014

Ferguson, MO Protest

With this non-starter as the chart topper in the news department, I thought that I'd weigh in by saying that I really don't care about the Ferguson, Missouri race riots.

As soon as the "black reverends" showed up, you just knew that they'd fan the flames until the last unhappy negro died if they could. It's what they do for a living.

Michael Brown, a thief, likely having just committed a strong arm robbery, was shot by the police in a confrontation in which the only salient non-police witness was a co-conspirator in the crime. That happens in every ghetto in America, every day. This one received heavy race baiting by the mainstream media, who now have a race-related event to report. Good for them. It's what they do best. 

What few businesses in the ghetto will move out after they've been looted and insurance carriers decide that they aren't worth the risk in the future.  

The very programs that were initiated in the 60's to curb raceism have become the drivers for more intense racism. Affirmative action, unending generational welfare, advocacy for single motherhood only fuels the fire. 73% of Black American Families are single parent households receiving government benefits68% of the Black Male Population in America are either incarcerated or have been . . So, basically, while this might be interpreted by some as "profiling", when you see a Black man walking down the street with a flat screen TV on his shoulder, there's better than a 60% chance that it's not hisYesterday, Congressman Elijah Cummings said that perhaps only black policemen should handle black crime. If that, then have only black teachers educate black children, black restaurant owners serve black customers, black bus lines carry only blacks and even black water companies provide water fountains for only blacks. 

If we gave Cummings what he wants, would that end the matter?


Maybe we simply need to import Korean shop owners into Ferguson, MO and pull the police back. Let the Korean civilians manage the riot. It would make the whole thing a lot more interesting and wouldn't involve any white people (root cause of all evil in the world).

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