sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


CW at the Daily Time Waster posted this photo of Refuge de Bouquetins, a yurt high in the Alps near Valais, Switzerland. 

I don't know why this sort of dusty glacial mountain top in the remote Alps calls to me. I'm possibly quite mad. But life, the splitting, joining and struggling can sometimes make you feel as though a yurt at 14,000 feet is a rational choice. Modern life with its infernal complexities seems somehow alien to the human spirit. 
(Yurt is the Russian word, ger is the Mongolian word for the structure) This structure (above) would seem to be a species of modified yurt - maybe designed to withstand the snow weight better? 
No cell phone, no bandwidth, no noise beyond the wind and occasional thunder, simple food -- might drive me crazier. Maybe. Or maybe not. I'm not going to Valais to live in a yurt. But now and then I think about it.

There is a log cabin version of same (left) in a more verdant setting. Despite my natural preference for the log cabin, the traditional yurt would be warmer and likely cleaner than the log structure.

WoFat and I have a friend who used to live in a yurt. In fact, I was there when he bought it and loaded it onto my truck. They're not easy to put up but once erected, they have the virtue of withstanding almost anything that nature can throw at them.

They're an evolved form of the Plains Indian's tee-pee and can be carried travois style by horses in migratory moves. They're still widely used on the Mongolian steppes with very few changes over the past 3000 years.