sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Searching for a Metaphor

You find a bit of nature to build a cabin on, you construct it with your bare hands, making a domicile for yourself and those you love and big horn sheep come along and eat the roof.

There is a metaphor here.

Mystery Airplane

This is your Sunday Sermonette. Lest you think that I'm reaching, my philosophy has always been, the higher the altitude, the closer to God.

Identify the mystery airplane, should you wish to hazard a guess.

  • It is a military aircraft
  • The pilot, standing to my right, is an old friend from SDVT-1* days when I was young, he was younger still, and I was his boss. Now he's the boss and I'm a relic. Circle of Life (more sermonette)
  • Yes it is an Army aircraft, he took an Army commission and left the Navy.
  • This aircraft has flown on many low intensity conflict missions as well as higher intensity missions (Iraq and Afghanistan)
  • To "win" (and you don't win anything except the distinction of identifying the aircraft), you need the designating military number (i.e. P-51) and the name (i.e.) Mustang. No, it's not a P-51 Mustang. That was only an example.
* SEAL Delivery Vehicle Team One, DDS Platoon. 

Stock photo of Mystery Airplane

Yes, I spent some time horsing around with the airplane. Flying around and being cool. The aircrew was in civilian clothing and so was I. 

We discussed the relative merits of flying this airplane and locking out of a Dry Dock Shelter in a MK-8 SDV. We think that the DDS lock out is cooler than flying, though they both incorporate some of the same skills. The sermonette and Mystery Airplane contest is over. Let's get back to the US Navy (world's finest Navy).

Locking out on a Dry Dock Shelter with a MK-8 SEAL Delivery Vehicle (photos below)

A dry dock shelter (DDS) sits on the back of a nuclear submarine and carries
a MK-8 SEAL Delivery Vehicle.
Photos from USS Cavalla (no longer in commission - much like your blogger)