sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Problem IN America (Part 2)


“Americanism**” is not often practiced. Our Social Justice Warriors teach our young that they should value approved freedom of speech and thought; heretical ideas are to be stamped out by denying speech and punishing the heretics. It is no longer surprising to hear a college activist suggest that certain kinds of speech be forbidden by law.
**The practice of tolerance and “minding your own business,” belief in progress, self-sufficiency, and freedom of thought for all citizens regardless of sex, race, wealth, or heritage.
There are signs that popular culture has taken note of the tendency toward totalitarianism. In the feature film, The Hunger Games, a population is repressed and manipulated by a media-controlling central government. The movie version of the novel The Giver takes some shots at this mindset; a thoughtful review of the movie version in The Atlantic “What Is the Price of Perfect Equality?” gets at its politics:
Engels saw the institutions of family and private property as deeply entwined. Part of Engels’ objection to the institution of the family was that it involved a “progressive narrowing of the circle, originally embracing the whole tribe, within which the two sexes have a common conjugal relation.” Marxism’s benevolent tendencies are swallowed up by concern and preference for one’s immediate family, which becomes the unit of basic inequality…. Commerce and trade, it turns out, are just as dependent on the passions as the passions are dependent on commerce and trade.  Therefore, destruction of the traditional nuclear family is essential in the march toward a utopian socialist paradise.
Under a controlling regime there is far less reward for striving. Hard work is replaced by contentious committee meetings and political struggles for pieces of a shrinking pie. The increasing numbers of academics, government workers, and nonprofit workers operate detached from practical considerations of serving customers. It becomes easier to slack off, and so more people slack off. The endpoint occurs when the productive have fled or chosen more leisure over work, and the economy collapses after years of stagnation.

In the family sphere, we already see the endpoint in entire communities where single mothers struggle to raise children without benefit of a father to help and guide, young men are either in prison or involved in gangs, and intact families with bourgeois values are forced to move away. Women are taught that they are victims of oppressive males, and the enlarged State will take their side in any disputes and support them directly if they have children. What had been a safety net for people in tragic circumstances became a way of life for millions.

It took generations for feminists and Progressives to capture the commanding heights of government, media, education, and non-profit foundations. From their perches they have directed a campaign to change the culture and enlarge the State, and they have won.

The result of that victory is American leadership of the likes of Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary.

The Problem IN America (Part 1)

Fredd (fellow blogger) posited a question on what has changed in America that has caused our political system to produce curs like Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary, who rise to the top of the pond (like scum). I'll pick up that gauntlet and throw my cracker in the soup.

Hang with the rant for a moment.

I was raised in "reduced circumstances" and was forced to work for whatever I wanted or needed. Most progressives don't emerge from backgrounds that require labor to survive. Those are the fetid breeding grounds of self-reliant conservatives. Thus it is with some skepticism that progressives consider my point of view to be valid. Though I am educated, I was not educated under any of the 'right' circumstances and never joined the Skull and Bones fraternity. There is no "old school tie" around my neck. To compound that, I served in the military, wore a badge and also dabbled in the dark arts. Therefore, my credentials to have an opinion are tainted. Having established that, and having warned you, we will forge on.

A small but highly influential ideological group of, educated, generally well-off, and embedded in academia, the media, government, and non-profit organizations work throughout the United States for 'social justice'. They continually agitate for larger and more intrusive government which would employ more of their kind, the better to regulate away all imperfect thought and behavior. Business and profit-making enterprise is viewed as suspect because it is partly beyond their political control, so efforts to take control of decisions inside businesses continue, and the expanding HR departments, lobbyist payments, and political contributions of businesses reflect the need to pay for protection against this bureaucratic tendency. 

Similarly, establishments such as hospitals and schools have responded to the increasing regulation and government funding of their activities by hiring more highly paid administrators while shorting the low-level staff that actually do the work, because they must do so to get along in an increasingly bureaucratized, legalized, and centrally-controlled environment. This employment of large numbers of high-paid staff that don’t directly produce anything of value for customers has greatly increased the cost of domestic services like healthcare and education, and the drag on the American economy has brought economic growth to a halt in many places.

By choosing to notice only the bad things that happen to women in our own time as well as other cultures and times, modern feminists have failed to work for truly equal treatment of men and women. Instead of seeing individuals and their rights as important, Social Justice Warriors believe that only a relentless focus on oppression of some categories of individuals by others is the key to righteousness, and their collectivist view of group rights leaves little space for sympathy for anyone who cannot claim membership in an oppressed class. They believe as a religious cult would believe that if only they explain their beliefs hard enough to the unenlightened, the scales will fall from their eyes and goodness will triumph. No amount of victory in achieving their goals would ever be enough for them to end their battles, since new groups of the wicked can always be identified to battle against; the battle itself nourishes their egos and so it must continue.

Institutions of higher learning teach that it is no longer enough that “victim” classes be treated equally by government and in employment and public accommodations — theirs is now a push for equal outcomes to overcome private rights of association and contract, so women or men who desire to work less or take out more time for family would not be allowed to bargain for those conditions of employment by asking for less pay for less work. Implicitly all employees with the same job title and duties must be paid the same regardless of their individual contributions or their own desires for a lesser degree of commitment to the business.

Equal opportunity does not imply there should be equal outcomes, because diversity of interests and abilities between individuals and the sexes means there will be unequal interest in career options that require 60 hours a week of work, intense focus on mechanical problems, manual labor, or hazardous conditions. Similarly, you will not get or expect equal interest in the highly social, helping professions that, on average, women appear to prefer.

Efforts to force equal employment in every company by race, sex, age, or other class doom companies that must compete with companies (outside the USA) that are not so constrained. For example, Rev. Jesse Jackson has called for Federal pressure on high tech firms to require equal employment outcomes in tech jobs. When you talk to a Social Justice Warrior about this, you get an answer remarkably similar to what socialists said in the 1970s when you asked how any country could level outcomes (“to each according to his need”) without the productive escaping to another country to achieve what they could without the shackles: “Well, that’s why they had to build the Berlin Wall.” To stop the defection of those who want to be free to follow their own preferences, this preferred system must be extended everywhere or somehow escape must be controlled and punished by, say, walls, machine guns, and Gulags.

Part Two of this post will be available on this blog later today.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Not in My Name?

A Discussion of centralized, concentrated state power, the rising generation, discrimination, and media compliance, are discussed here in this 13.5 minute video.

Class of 2015: Book Burners Afraid of Matches

Are YOU ready for Hillary

What a perfect follow-on to eight years of ObamaNation!!

There is talk of Hillary wishing to create a "Unity Party" wherein America only has one political party to "bring the nation together" and to deal with dissent from the 'vast right wing conspiracy'. It would usher in a new and marvelous era, characterized by a Clintonian dynasty.

When the Man Comes Around - (Johnny Cash) 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Intrigue in the Middle East

American foreign policy in a nutshell:

Barack thinks that we should trust the greasy little man in the turban...

Meanwhile in the Middle East, the Saudis are pushing for Pakistan to send ships, aircraft and troops with which they should invade Yemen. Once in Yemen, the Pakistanis should throw the Iranian backed Houthis into shallow graves. The Paks don't want to do that because there would be a lot of Pakistanis in shallow graves as well.

In Beijing, the Chinese have offered to offset the loss of Saudi Aid with their ready cash (earned from the USA) if the Pakistanis don't go to aid the "Magic Kingdon".
The Gulf Times published an analysis of the situation. In that analysis, Pakistani sources reportedly said that the timing and size of the Chinese aid offer for the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor plus Chinese promises of backing in the event Saudi Arabia cut off aid were critical factors in Prime Minister Sharif’s initial decision to say no to the Saudi request for aircraft, ships and troops for Yemen.
It appears that the Pakistanis compromised sufficiently to prevent a complete break with Saudi Arabia. According to one account, the Pakistani senior military officers told their Saudi counterparts that Saudi Operation Decisive Storm was hastily conceived, poorly planned and poorly targeted. Those criticisms, while accurate, are also self-serving excuses for Pakistan’s refusal to participate.

Context and Precedence: The Saudis have dumped many billions of dollars in aid to Pakistan in the hopes that they'd act as a Saudi cat's paw if the Iranians ever came knocking. Now that Iran is on their doorstep, threatening to shut down their oil exports, the Paks are forgetting all that love.

Islamic Refugee Crisis

Various and sundry Muslim nations are killing their own people in addition to beheading Christians and queers and Christian queers. As a result, their people are setting sail with an eye toward settling in Great Britain, in Big Europe or in the US.  I find it strange that they want to flee to Christian nations.

Fox News reported that the United Nations is calling for rich nations to take Muslim refugees - 1 million to start. The US is naturally the biggest chump, so it's the first place to start. The UK is the second biggest chump, so I'm certain that they'll take a million and put them on the dole.

The Australians have said, "Not now, not ever, never." Those among you who are progressive will likely foam at the mouth at the Australian refusal to import terrorists into their country. I agree, it's not very inclusive of them.
(Fox News) The humanitarian disaster unfolding on the Mediterranean is likely already providing a "shield" for Islamist terrorists to infiltrate waves of migrants attempting the perilous crossing from North Africa to Europe, terrorism experts and other strategic observers are warning. And they say a UN plan to resettle 1 million refugees in Western nations would turn the situation into a full-blown security crisis. 
The exodus now unfolding, as well as the UN call to take in refugees from war-torn Middle Eastern and African nations over the next five years, is providing a “shield for the passage of jihadists to Europe,” said one analyst. Once absorbed into the societies of Europe and other rich countries such as the United States, ISIS operatives would be set to eventually gain all the freedoms of other citizens of those countries – including the freedom to travel, often without having to go through the extra scrutiny involved in obtaining a passport visa.
There are no richer nations than Saudi Arabia and Iran. They are awash in oil revenue. I suggest that the Muslim refugees go to these Islamic havens. Wherever they go, they should NOT be allowed into the US. Let the Sunni go to Saudi Arabia and the Shites go to Iran.

If the Iranians can afford to build bombs, they can certainly afford to feed a few million more of their brethren in the spirit of Muslim love and the Five Pillars of Islam.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Environmental Justice

The US Environmental Protection Agency has an $84K grant to study churches that preach climate change and environmental justice. I suggested to my friend, the Lone Star Parson, that he take the money and use it to buy ammunition earmarked for purchase by the Social Security Administration (because they need a billion rounds of .223).

Environmental Justice is a scam that even George Orwell didn't think up for inclusion in his dystopian book, 1984.

The US EPA is asking these questions in its march to control the weather through taxation: 
Are minority communities and individuals burdened with more than their share of environmental risks in this country, while enjoying fewer of the benefits of environmental regulation than others? Is environmental justice policy no different from education, criminal and civil justice, and a host of other socioeconomic institutions in this country in being tainted by the broad brush of race and class discrimination? If not, what besides race and class discrimination could possibly explain these differences in environmental burdens and benefits? What explains the apparent lack of concern for the uneven impact of environmental policies and activities in most of the original federal environmental legislation?
Anyone who challenges the fact that the climate changes from time to time because of lack of taxation, is an anti-multicultural fascist bent on preserving the big business model of oppression and subjugation. It is that very big business model that the EPA is taking on by reaching out to faith-based groups (primarily pagans and witches) to fund their efforts. BUT WAIT! Statistically, most pagans and witches are white. Is this a racist program, cleverly disguised by the establishment to conceal its roots in neoracist income distribution to a racial majority, therefore denying the minority their cut of income redistribution?

The plot continues to unfold. Is Hillary involved in any of this? What efforts has the uber wealthy Clinton Foundation made to insure environmental justice?

Do you KNOW what it is?

Radical Islam - DEFINED: (1) An overwhelming and all consuming fear that somewhere, somebody may be happy, and the compulsion to insure that they're not. (2) A mechanism to keep women where they belong: In the bedroom and in the kitchen - in that order.

Nothing makes women happier and more fulfilled than making them wear black tents -- in the summer -- in the desert.

Iran, North Korea and The Bomb

Does Iran have a nuclear weapon now? It's an interesting question when taken in context with the current rush to prevent them from manufacturing nukes. It calls into question whether President Obama is simply posturing for the sake of having something positive to say about his eight years in office beyond the dismal tenure that we've all been subjected to.

Hang with me as we explore this together very briefly for the purpose of this blog.

On 22 April, the Wall Street Journal reported that during a meeting in February a Chinese nuclear expert briefed that China judged that North Korea already might have 20 nuclear weapons and the capacity to manufacture fissile material for twice that many by 2016. According to the Journal article, the US estimate is that North Korea has between 10 and 16 nuclear weapons.
Nuclear weapons estimates are notoriously imprecise, but always generate discussions.
The North Korean capability to manufacture nuclear warheads that fit into a missile nose-cone has been an important, controversial question. The prudent answer, which the Chinese number supports, is that they have mastered the technology. Since March 2013 North Korea’s official national doctrine has been parallel development of nuclear weapons and economic construction. It is called the “Pyongjin line.” The new information indicates Kim Jong Un was serious about the nuclear weapons; the economy not so much.
In the past 20 years, the North Koreans fielded at least 1,000 ballistic missiles of various types. At least two types are capable of delivering nuclear warheads to varying ranges. They have the means to hold the populations of Japan and South Korea hostage to nuclear weapons delivered by ballistic missiles, provided they accepted the inevitable consequences. The commander of US Forces Korea testified to Congress that North Korea has a missile that is nuclear capable and can reach the US.
A substantial nuclear arsenal would not change the outcome of a war – North Korea would be  utterly destroyed if it used nuclear weapons. However, it changes the costs of a war, especially for Japan, South Korea and for the US. It also changes the going-in assumptions about any future talks. And it provides an incentive for Japan and South Korea to develop their own nuclear weapons.

North Korea has exported nuclear and/or ballistic missile technology to Iran (Pakistan, Syria, Libya and Egypt). This information is not disputed and has been reportedly by open sources journalism. A prudent assumption would be that if North Korea could more or less double its warhead inventory, it has the ability to help its clients perform similar accomplishments, provided they have the production lines. It also has the capability of exporting nuclear weapons for hard cash, which it lacks.

This does not mean that Iran, has a nuclear warhead and the means to deliver it today. It does suggest that if Iran does not have one, it is because it chooses not to.

So what is Obama doing with the drawn out negotiations with Iran?

While Iran does want their own home grown nuclear program, I suggest to you that Barack's point to them is that since they already have 2 or 3 nuclear weapons, Iran can work with America to provide an excuse to lift sanctions...

If true, why wouldn't Barack share that intelligence with America? Why indeed?

Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Trans-Pacific Partnership

The Trans-Pacific Partnership, known as the TPP, is a significant trade treaty with 11 (was 12) Pacific Rim nations that has been designed to create a free trade zone in the Asia-Pacific region. I have no problem with treaties and trade, except that President Obama has made the details of TPP secret. And he wants Congress to pass a classified trade deal before we can know what's in it. 

Where have I heard that before?

The TPP is not COMPLETELY secret since lobbyists and Wall Street executives have helped craft the legislation. It's only secret from the American people.

I thought that Obama promised a transparent presidency?? It's very difficult for Congress to debate a secret trade deal and it's impossible for constituents to approach their elected representatives on an issue that they are not allowed to know about. The impact on businesses that will be effected by this legislation can't be judged (except by the privileged few who crafted it) because it's secret.

Sunday Sermonette

cats become dogs
dogs become cats
This is a brief and possibly trivial examination/rant of progressive thought in the era of Obama and

Trans-Gender is the 'new normal' - Who would have thought that liberals would ever tire of traditional sodomy? But it appears to be true. In order to be totally hip, men must be emasculated and cut to become women (even if they plan to be lesbians) and women must become men. Mere homosexuality is so blasé, so yesterday.

Climate Change - It's the single most brilliant plan in political history. Whoever came up with the notion that you can "tax the weather" and that the simple logic that people are stupid enough to pay the tax, was a genius. In the 1980's there was an overriding concern about global cooling and the threat that it posed. Then the global warming hoax was brought to the forefront by luminaries such as Al Gore, who sold his green company to the Arabs for a paltry $100 million or so. Followed on by climate change, in which any change of climate is proof of the need for a tax --- but that wasn't enough. Not by half. Now it's climate disruption that we are fighting desperately. "Climate disruption" as defined by mankind since the last ice age receded about 15,000 years ago is also known as "weather".
Naturally as you'd expect, anyone who challenges the fact that the climate changes from time to time because of lack of taxation, is an anti-multicultural fascist bent on preserving the big business model of oppression and subjugation.  
From the American Ministry of Truth: Bureaucrats from the Obama Administration explain patiently that conservative, tea party activists, tend to be climate deniers. Their neanderthal natures keep them from recognizing that the primary interrelation between climate and sub-climate effects on humanity necessitates that urgent consideration of the like must utilize and be functionally interwoven with the philosophy of commonality and the application of rigorous measures as the meteorological situational specifications evolve over time. (best controlled by draconian taxation for the purpose of income redistribution to achieve social justice) It’s obvious isn’t it? 
Islam isn't a threat - Which is on par with "trans-gender is the new normal" in terms of its appeal to the progressive left. They refer to it as the "religion of peace". And in the spirit of insanity, queers, who would be put to death instantly (by either beheading or stoning) in any Muslim nation on general principles, support this notion completely. 
I have a plan and I think that Oprah and Michelle Obama surrounded by the "Housewives of Beverly Hills", should lead the charge, flanked by legions of people who enjoy programming on the Bravo cable channel. They need to go to Iran (or Saudi Arabia) and publicly protest, announcing "we're queer and we're here". It would do a lot to enhance their street creds as genuine progressives. 
Killing Babies - Nothing rivals the bloodlust for unborn as a litmus test for being progressive. One In 2012, there were more black babies killed by abortion (31,328) in New York City than were born there (24,758), and the black children killed comprised 42.4% of the total number of abortions in the Big Apple, according to a report by the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. One can only wish that Barack Hussein Obama's mother had been more progressive instead of merely a communist, but I digress. New York City, which is nearly as progressive as San Francisco and Austin is the best place to start with our examination. 
The report is entitled, Summary of Vital Statistics 2012 The City of New York, Pregnancy Outcomes, and was prepared by the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, Office of Vital Statistics. (See Pregnancy Outcomes NYC Health 2012.pdf)
And before you cry "why, that's racist!" you have to realize that anyone who is progressive can't (by default) be a racist.  
It would be interesting to see the 31,328 babies that were executed by their mothers in New York City in 2012 holding signs that read, "I can't breathe", wouldn't it? Between 2012 and 2015 the number is about 124,000 negro babies in New York City alone. How would liberals react if police officers gunned down 124,000 negroes for shits and giggles?
Hillary, champion of progressive thought in America. Liberals
want her to be chief executive, leader of the free world and
commander-in-chief of the US military.
Treacherous Statistics - Wherever government institutes "open carry" for firearms, crime drops precipitously. Why is it that the progressive havens (inner city urban hell) are sewers for human degradation and violence? Firearms are tightly controlled there, violence should cease to exist.

Detroit, the very model of progressive liberalism in action is a city best suited for Sci-Fi novelists who want to write about a dystopian future - because it's been constructed today. They can go there and look at what the progressive left would make of the entire country.

Social Justice - It's something that is almost tribal in its construction. That means more or less whatever the currently acceptable trend says it means. Income equality (from each according to his ability to each according to his need) is the genesis of the movement as espoused by ardent communists over a century ago. And it would be interesting if ALL of the communist states on the planet had not failed. The only shining examples remaining are Cuba, North Korea and Myanmar. China is a rampant capitalist one-party political system and Russia is a capitalist country run by oligarchs. Still, professors in liberal/progressive think tanks still spew this nonsense as being new and somehow valid in the real world.

Progressive people are creatures of the eternal grievance (and there are so many grievances from the Armenian genocide of 1915 to women's desire to eliminate inconvenient pregnancies and the desire for government funded programs for necrophiles to be provided with free & fresh corpses to have sexual intercourse with). Hillary, like Barack Hussein Obama before her, will promise to personally solve all of those grievances if (and only if) America bows its neck before them.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Houthis in Yemen

This is a brief update for those of you who are following the current War in Yemen. Note that the US has pulled all troops from Yemen and closed the embassy. I feel that the US is letting the people who have a horse in the race fight it out - appropriately. There is nothing in Yemen for Americans to get hurt over. I don't like Yemen the country. It's people are evil and small. Watching a family put it's 10 year old son in a knife fight with another 10 year old in a neighborhood arena for the purpose of recreational gambling is a national pastime. Sometimes it's a girl who has "dishonored the family" that's put into the neighborhood arena with half a dozen starved feral dogs that tear her to pieces and eat her viscera (guts) while the people bet on how long it will take for her to die. Just when you thought that a "Class 4 latrine" is as low as you can go, you go to Yemen and discover that there is a "Class 5 latrine" and you're in it.

Iran sponsors the Houthi movement in Yemen. Their goal is to gain a foothold in Yemen that will allow them to close the Bab el Mandeb (note map above). Once accomplished they can stop Saudi Arabia from shipping oil from there to the rest of the world. There is already a heavy Iranian military presence at the Straights of Hormuz (on the other side of Saudi Arabia) that can close that waterway. The Iranians feel confident that they can destroy the Suez Canal with a nuclear weapon or use aerial mines to close it to shipping.

The security situation has worsened in Yemen in several respects. The Houthis have pressed their southern offensive and showed no signs of withdrawing. Saudi and Coalition air attacks increased to try to stop the Houthis. News sources reported air attacks in at least six locations including the ports of Hudaydah and Aden. Houthi militias continued to push east of Sana’a towards Marib.

Coalition ships shelled Houthi positions in Aden. One local news source reported the arrival at the border of the first of the Saudi National Guard battalions. Opposing forces at the border north of Sa’dah exchanged artillery and mortar fire again.

Pakistan (and China)

Pakistani newspapers reported that Prime Minister Sharif, General Sharif and Minister of Defence Khawaja Asif had lunch with Saudi King Salman on April 23rd. 

Pakistani leaders told Saudi King Salman Pakistan does not want to send ground troops in to Yemen to enforce their claims.
One commentator wrote that the Saudis would exert heavy pressure on Pakistan by means of incentives, including cash, oil on deferred payment, purchases of weapons and other incentives. The Pakistani delegation might have no choice but to offer one division of paramilitary soldiers drawn from the Pakistan Rangers and the Frontier Corps, with some Pakistan Army troops.
Prior to the visit by Chinese President Xi Jinping, the Pakistanis had little leverage for resisting the Saudi demand for regular combat forces. China’s development assistance seems to have given them the fortitude to refuse the Saudi request.

Chinese projects represent a long term vision for Pakistani development, whereas the Saudis offer help to Pakistan in the present and the immediate future. Ultimately, the Pakistanis will find a solution that allows them to save face, while honoring the Saudi request. One suggestion is that Pakistani troops might replace Saudi military personnel along the border with Iraq, freeing the Saudis for Yemen operations.

What should the USA do?

We should drill for oil and build our own refineries within the boundaries of the US. The USA/Canada has the largest proven reserves of oil on the planet. The Arabs and Persians can continue their war to decide whether the Sunnis or the Shiia are the REAL inheritors of Mohammed's kingdom. No need for American involvement. If Iran wants to invest in nuclear weapons, we nuke them from Orbit and the only thing of value in Iran (lizards, cockroaches and scorpions) will survive the nuclear holocaust anyway. In a few hundred years when the half-life of the uranium decay has made the place less radioactive, maybe rodents, jackals and vultures can return and populate the place.

Friday, April 24, 2015

TV Preppers

LSP and I had a discussion of the value of being a television prepper this past week. On these TV shows, normal people explain how their homemade defensive systems will defeat the godless hoards of inner city people/zombies who are coming to take their 30 year supply of beef jerky & clean water and to ravish their plump, frumpy women who have just as many teeth as the average jack-o-lantern.

General George S. Patton jr. said, "Fixed fortifications are monuments to the stupidity of man." With due respect to the TV preppers who advertise their pathetic efforts, Gen. Patton forgot more about combat than these well intentioned people ever knew.

And sadly for the preppers, it usually doesn't take anyone who was as astute as Patton to put them under the sod, take their food, water and 'earth mother' women as slaves. 

This is my point. If you are going to prepare for the end, you shouldn't advertise it. I myself take prudent precautions against possible calamity from earthquakes to civil unrest. But my neighbors don't know much about what those precautions are (beyond the neighborly Muslims who have tried to assert themselves and found the first line of defense). 

If the inner city people arrive at the gates of your compound demanding that you and yours "surrender the booty" you've likely screwed up your preparations beyond all proportion to reality and rationality.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Blogging from Texas

I've been hanging out in Texas this week working on consulting projects, but there was time in between work to meet a few bloggers that y'all see on this blog from time to time.

I went to the Anglican compound where Fr. Michael (LSP) does his work and since all work and no play is unacceptable we went out shooting and punched holes in paper.

Lonestar Parson and I met Pretty Jenny and her family at a restaurant. Pretty Jenny is prettier in person than in the photos...which is likely why she's known as Pretty Jenny.

Pretty Jenny and her son, Clement
While on walk-about I encountered a hedgehog that was apparently trained to go for the jugular.

Here are a few snapshots from the range day with Lone Star Parson:

LL with LSP's hardware
LSP demonstrates how the Royal Army does it.
The Texas weather was just about as perfect as anyone could ask for. LSP and Pretty Jenny assured me that was the case all year. However I think that they're playing with me. Here are a few quotes from Mark Twain regarding the Texas climate in summer:
"If I owned Hell and Texas, I'd live in Hell and rent out Texas."
"When a person is accustomed to 128 in the shade, his ideas about cold weather are not valuable....In Texas, "cold weather" is merely a conventional phrase and has come into use through the necessity of having some way to distinguish between weather which will melt a brass door-knob and weather which will only make it mushy."

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Street Art

While I'm on the road, with less ready access to bandwidth, here's a little something to make you think that the world can be made just a little more interesting with a bit of effort.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sunday Rant

Can you define people by their preferences? Sure, how better to define them? I was chatting on e-mail with friends I'm going to have dinner with in a different part of the USA this coming week and shared one. I think that I'm going to expand on that simply as part of the Sunday Sermonette rant.


(1) Red Dot Indian food. I've been to India and equate the cuisine with 'ass'. When that many people squat in the street and drop loads of curry, the notion of curry simply makes me want to barf. I have eaten very good Indian food but my default setting is that it reminds me of the smell of dirty feet and feces.

(2) Sushi. It's fashionable to love sushi in the part of the nation where I live. If I go out to eat sushi in an attempt to be fashionable, I order cooked food, which defeats the glory of raw fish. I can gag down raw tuna without having it come back up, but when you consider the price, it makes no sense. Teriyaki Chicken tastes good and it's half the cost --- but when you choose chicken around die-hard sushi eaters, it makes them uncomfortable.

(3) Guts. I am carnivorous, but avoid any food that I classify as guts (essentially smooth muscle tissue, intestines, organs, and brains). Liver is off the menu as is heart, testicles and kidneys.

I know of people who eat their wife's placenta after the baby is born. OMG - never. Not frigging EVER. Not even if Charlize Theron (wearing a fetish nurse outfit) was offering herself to me if I ate it.


(1) Mosquitoes. I don't like them. I particularly dislike the large varieties that grow to disproportionately large size in Wisconsin and Alaska - the size of small birds - with voracious appetites for human blood. I swat them down without ever applying the Buddhist doctrine of the wheel of life.  I'm sure that they're re-born in some karmic cycle as soon as I swat them and they come at me immediately again. It would explain the inexhaustible supply of mosquitoes.

(2) Cockroaches. Fire, fire for effect. They've been around since the planet cooled looking the same way that they do now. I can't kill enough to wipe them out (clearly) but I can remove those near me from the gene pool. I live in a newer home in a newer subdivision of a newer city, so you don't see them here even if you turn on the lights. Which is one reason that I prefer to live where I do.

I particularly dislike the cockroaches that live in Southeast Asia - the 3 inch long flying type that are capable of taking down a poodle. 

(3) Gophers. I go into my Caddyshack mode when they appear in my yard. And they do NOT survive the assault. I have never had to resort to C-4 to eliminate them but it's not off the menu of anti-gopher remedies -- even if it did blow out every window in the neighborhood. 

My reputation is such that neighbors have sought me out to eliminate their gopher problems in the past. However, I'm out of practice these days for lack of targets. I feel like a frustrated P-51 pilot flying over Germany in the last days of the Second World War when it comes to gophers.


If a woman annoys me and won't stop, I ask her when her baby is due. This only works on women who are NOT pregnant. It's a secret weapon that I only use when I have no other option. In a sense it is the nuclear option.

The reflexive reply is "do you think that I look pregnant?" To complete the move, you must wait three or four ticks before you say something on the order of, ", I just thought....never mind. Do you think that it will rain? [or] Do you think that the Dodgers will make it to the Series?"

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Saturday Morning -- Live

I never thought that Hillary's campaign launch would have been so funny. It's one of those parodies that you think has to be a Saturday Night Live skit...but it's not. It's old Hillary parked in a handicapped spot, going into a burrito shop to order lunch...being followed by 200 giddy reporters.

She needs to avoid people if she wants to be Queen of America because nobody who meets her likes her. These "spontaneous" public events make her look even more pathetic and out of touch. 

A black van drove down the street in front of my house and I thought, "Oh, great, Hillary is here to ask for a donation." You know she's nearly dead broke. Anyway, just as I got my cell phone out to take a photo of Hillary getting out of her "scooby van", the van drove on. I think that it was the American flag flying from the post that must have put her off. Nobody who flies an American flag will vote for Hillary.

Hillary is trying to re-make herself into the champion of the little people...right...since when? I think that she needs to get back to her roots, cruising down Wall Street in her black van, picking up bags of cash from the monied elite in exchange for looking out for their financial interests through political chicanery.

You have to admit that it's high comedy and we need to enjoy the charade while it lasts.

Having been said, it's pretty pathetic that Scott Walker trails Hillary in the Wisconsin polls by double digits...

Friday, April 17, 2015

Mixed Messages? I think not.

Yesterday The Washington Times and Bill Geertz published an item that says North Korea made two shipments of ballistic missiles supplies to Iran while the nuclear weapons framework was in negotiations.

While some of you readers may be shocked by this revelation, Iran appears to be cheating in collaboration with North Korea. North Korea has already sold Iran the BM-25 intermediate range ballistic missile, which was designed specifically as a nuclear warhead carrier. It will put all Israeli and Saudi cities within range of this nuclear weapon delivery system.

Iran and North Korea have some form of collaboration in nuclear and ballistic missile technology. Iran has been a client of North Korean missiles since before the Iran-Iraq war, purchasing missiles, motors, turn-key manufacturing and assembly facilities and issuing contracts for the construction of missile and rocket engine testing facilities. Iranians also have been observers at North Korean missile and nuclear tests. 

Additionally, the Russians have promised to deliver the S-300 surface-to-air missile system to Iran in 2015...that's new as of yesterday as well. 

President Obama is the worst kind of fool. Even many of his fellow Democrats in the US Senate think so. I don't know whether or not he was a good community organizer. One thing that he has been is a completely dismal failure as a president. His bungling and his maniacal narcissism will bring about a nuclear exchange and another war in the Middle East. I wonder if we could exchange Barack for one of the hostages that Iran is holding? We should have swapped him for Bowe Bergdahl.

Even Biden isn't as inept as Obama -- who would have thought?

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Tax Time

Yesterday was the last day to mail in your income taxes. If you're reading this and you forgot, it may not be the end of the world. It all depends who you are. The law is not evenly applied.

If you're a rich liberal and an Obama contributor, conventional wisdom holds that much like Secretary of the Treasury Tim Geitner and Reverend Al Sharpton, income tax is a guideline rather than a law.

If you are part of the 47% of Americans who pay no income tax, or you're one of the earned-income-credit crowd, you're going to get money back from the Feds that you never paid in because they want to buy your vote through redistributed income. 

If you work for the IRS you can rest in comfort that the Department of Justice didn't prosecute Learner for singling out and going after political opponents of President Obama.

Did Hillary Steal It?

This is the Wikileaks logo:

This is Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign logo:
It's clearly Clintonian to take whatever you want and claim that it was yours all along. Wikileaks is calling, "Foul". I wonder if they will release the e-mail that the Russians hacked from Hillary's home server in response?

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


I bought a 2015 Ducati Diavel.  My daughter, Emilie (pictured with the scooter because I'm just too ugly) has claimed it as her own. Unlikely that will happen.

Diavel means "devil" in Italian, so I have 170 horsepower of devil between my legs. Naturally this scooter is female, and while have I've had versions of the devil in that position before, I like this one better...not because she's black.

The Republican Field

My take on the Republican Presidential Field for 2016 (announced and yet to be announced). I will not vote for Hillary so one of these people will end up being the person that I will vote for:


Marco Rubio - Senator from Florida - I'd rather see him in a vice presidential spot in 2016. For all you Rubio supporters out there, that's simply how I see him. It's not because he has Hispanic roots or because he's a male. I simply think that the next president will have a full plate of Obama screw ups to deal with and I don't know that Rubio has the gravitas or the experience to handle them as well as others may.

Rand Paul - Senator from Kentucky - He's a scrapper, he's a doctor, not a career lawyer politician, and he is sworn to reduce the size of government. All of those things are important. Would Rand Paul be a good president? I think that he would. His foreign policy credentials have never been fired in the crucible, but he'll find his way through that swamp if he has good advice. 

John Kasich - Governor of Ohio - He has a lot of experience, now as a governor and previously as a member of the House of Representatives. He has more "gravitas" than any other candidate and I think that he has the best chance of beating Hillary Clinton. He is a moderate Republican with a strong current of common sense and practical reasoning behind what he does. Ideal running mate: Rep. Colonel Martha McSally (R-AZ) I think that Colonel McSally will be a contender for the presidency in 8 years.

Scott Walker - Governor of Wisconsin He's conservative, he's clearly a turn-around guy, having fixed many of the problems that plagued Wisconsin. Is he ready to be the leader of the free world and take on Iran, Russia and China? The jury is out on that. And therein may lie his problem.

Chris Christie - Governor of New Jersey - Christie's star began to fade when he offered New Jersey as a joint photo op for Barack Obama in 2014. I don't hear anyone speaking of him as a viable candidate. He hasn't announced and I think that all of the money is being sucked up by the rest of the field.

Ted Cruz - Senator from Texas - Cruz is a firebrand conservative, career politician and Harvard Lawyer. He has served three years in the US Senate. I think of him in much the way I do Marco Rubio. He's sincere, he's well spoken, and he is far more conservative than Rubio, but I would like to see more experience in a president. 

Jeb Bush - Governor of Florida - I STILL have yet to meet anyone who actually wants Jeb Bush for president. He has dynastic money and political connections because his father and brother were president. Of the potential Republican candidates, he's as liberal as Christie and he is unappealing because I don't think that America loves the dynasties.  He's a slick politician, but he'd grow government and would continue the problem that put us where we are.

Ben Carson - Retired Physician - He seems like a very nice guy, but I don't think that he's ready to be leader of the free world. The job is big and Obama has put us behind the curve in so many ways that the next president has to be able to organize and have the stroke to change things. I think that Carson my lack the iron.

Carly Fiorina - Retired Business Executive - Florin really wants the job, but her ego doesn't seem to match her experience. Many people believe that she's running for vice president and I tend to agree with that. 

Mike Huckabee - former Arkansas Governor and Fox News contributor - Everyone who knows Huckabee likes him and I like him. I don't think that he has what it takes to fix the Obama disaster.

Then there are Lindsay Graham, Bobby Jindal, George Pataki, Donald Trump, Rick Perry, Rick Santorum, etc. -- if you think any of these people have a chance of winning the Republican nomination, shout out below.

Hillary (the Bitch of Benghazi) Clinton is beatable. 
Obama did it twice.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Q & A: Married with Children

Taking a hint and the lead from fellow blogger, Juliette, I'm going to do a few interviews and will post them here. I'm not speaking to anyone who participates in my blog. Perhaps you will find it interesting. Perhaps not. I'm simply throwing spaghetti against the wall to see if it sticks. Since Jules and I move in different circles, the people I pick and their reactions to the questions asked may be different than hers.

Name: Janet

Country: USA/Born in Switzerland

City of Residence: McLane, VA

Age and gender: 38

Uniformed military service: U. S. Navy, Commissioned Service (O-3) Nurse, 6 years

Occupation: Mother/former Victoria's Secret underwear model/former nurse

Formal education: Florida State University, BA

Informal education: Trained by my dog to fetch and carry to keep him happy.

Times married/current status: Once/married

Children: Three girls

Do you believe in God? What is your religion?

Yes/Latter-Day Saint (Mormon)

What is the worst thing you’ve ever done?

I have this thing about rules. When people make rules that make little sense to me, I break them. If a sign says, "keep off the grass" and I can tell that it hasn't recently been seeded, I walk across it. If the sign at the outdoor cafe advises me not to feed the birds, I still feed them if they look hungry. If the sign says "wet paint", sometimes I touch it, just with my pinky finger. 

What is your greatest achievement?

Being able to turn my back on a career to be a stay-at-home mother. No success in life can compensate for failure in the home. The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. I wish more women would understand this.

Over the past 12 months, what has been your greatest challenge?

We've moved. My husband has a job that causes us to move just about every three years, and that's a challenge. We moved again this year from Mexico to the USA and my girls are the only ones who seem to be enjoying the change. In Mexico City, I had two maids, a cook and was spoiled by the staff and a social life that revolved around the US Embassy. In Virginia, I am back to being the maid, chief cook, driver (no need for a security staff and armored car in the USA) and bottle washer. 

If you could go back in time to age 20 with your current life experience, what would you do differently?:

I would have hunted down my husband and would have dragged him down like a cheetah taking a gazelle and would have married him then (at age 20). I've had a good marriage. Adding a few years to the front end would have been even more fun. (I didn't know him when I was 20)

There is a 15 year old standing in front of you. What life advice would you give him/her?

Don't be afraid to break a rule now and then.

When you are an elderly person, sitting in your rocking chair and you look back on your life, what do you want to have achieved?

I want to have lived a life without significant regrets.

What is the meaning of life?

Life is a process of learning. Unless you put your hand on a hot stove from time to time, you're not learning much. 

Putin-Obama-Iran Axis

Context and Precedence: Iran negotiated to buy the Russian S-300 air defense missile system in 2007, but the Russians canceled delivery of that system in 2010 shortly before it was to be delivered. The S-300 system is one of if not the best air defense systems in the world and was purchased to protect Iranian nuclear weapons plants from attacks by the US and Israel.

Yesterday, Russian Federation President Putin canceled that September 2010 decree that banned the delivery of advanced S-300 air defense missile systems to Iran. Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov said, "It was done in good faith for the sake of stimulating progress in the negotiations. We believe that at this stage the need for this kind of embargo, and for a separate voluntary Russian embargo, has completely disappeared."
Moscow also announced that is has begun an oil-for-goods swap with Iran. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Ryabkov said Moscow is supplying Iran with grain, equipment and building materials under an ongoing barter agreement. Russia reportedly is buying up to 500,000 barrels of Iranian oil per day as payment for Russian equipment and goods.
Some commentators suggested that deploying this system will trigger an Israeli air raid against Iran before the system is operational, just to destroy the system.

Israeli Intelligence Minister Steinitz said this is what comes from legitimization, referring to the US-Iranian nuclear pseudo-agreement.

Vladimir Putin enjoys (metaphorically) pulling President Obama's trousers down around his ankles on a regular basis. This announcement will likely provoke other nations to "barter with Iran" rather than sell to Iran (in violation of sanctions agreements), weakening the sanctions that President Obama claims can be "snapped back" if/when Iran cheats on their arrangement to 'slow the production of nuclear weapons'. 

Barack Obama is looking for SOMETHING to hang his eight failed years in the presidency on. He thought that it would be ObamaCare, but that has come apart at the seams. The Iran nuclear deal was something that he planned to spin into a success (until Iran destroyed a couple of Israeli cities with the bomb) as part of his legacy.

Will Obama go out as the worst president in US history (ahead of Jimmy Carter)? Oh yeah. 

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sunday Rant

What is the Obama Administration and the progressive left really telling us?


There are institutions which serve as a bulwark to culture. These include traditional marriage, the right of self defense, the right to self determination, the freedom of speech (including politically incorrect speech). They are all under concerted attack from within the Washington DC beltway. 

The slogans seem to be contradictory, but are they really? The government offers protection: a guaranteed wage, guaranteed food stamps, guaranteed free education, guaranteed medical coverage and thus slavery is freedom, because the man subjected to the collective will is free from danger and want. 
"In the end the Party would announce that two and two made five, and you would have to believe it. It was inevitable that they should make that claim sooner or later: the logic of their position demanded it. Not merely the validity of experience, but the very existence of external reality was tacitly denied by their philosophy." - 1984
I drove to Home Depot yesterday to buy blades for my Sawsall (reciprocating electrically powered saw). Minding my own business on my stroll between the front door and the tools, stood a booth with two solar power salesmen standing in it. Yes, their pay is federally subsidized (by us). 

One of them said hello and I said hi back. I continued to walk and they kept calling out to me. I turned and asked (not like DeNiro) are you talking to me? They wanted to talk about the drought in California and how Southern California Edison caused it. They quoted facts (fallacious facts). One was white, one negro. The negro began a rant against conservatives and rich people who were the cause of the drought, that could be solved by using federally subsidized solar collectors. You can guess how well his logic was received.

I patiently explained to the man with blue gums that California is a desert and the San Joaquin Valley that runs from the Oregon border to the Mexican border where we grow everything, has been a desert for the past 20,000 years at least. We haven't added a reservoir to the State for fifty years because the green lobby and the Democratic Party blocks them. During that time the population has grown by twenty million people. It's like not widening a freeway and pushing another million people a day down it (a failing familiar to people who live in Southern California). The dumb solar salesman pointed out the error of my ways, asserting that running water through a turbine was "not green" and was a bad way to generate electricity. Yes he's dumb as a box of rocks. Somebody has been filling that (hat size 5) skull with complete bullshit and he's passing it on. 

The larger problem is not the stupid solar salesman, it's society, that seems to swallow these slogans and all that goes with them, completely.

Witness Senator Rand Paul, running for a Republican nomination for the office of President. The REPUBLICANS began running attack ads against him the day he announced his candidacy. Ask yourself why.
  • He pledged to reduce the size of government, eliminating entire bureaucracies such as the Internal Revenue Service and the US Department of Commerce.
  • He pledged to push a flat 17% tax.
  • He pledged to increase the size of the US Military while at the same time not giving foreign aid to countries who hate the US.
All those things are good, right?  Not for the power elite...who could no longer work out a way to "tax the weather" if somebody like Rand Paul made it to the White House.

Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past. Thus the Hillary Clinton e-mails (we still need to get those from the Russians), now absent, can be said to be completely benign because she loves her subjects and wouldn't do anything to harm them. Do you love Big Mother?"
And when memory failed and written records were falsified—when that happened, the claim of the Party to have improved the conditions of human life had got to be accepted, because there did not exist, and never again could exist, any standard against which it could be tested." - 1984
We as a nation voted Barack Obama into office - twice. Most voters couldn't find Canada or Mexico on a map. How can we collectively fight against a concerted attack on our values or the principles that made the nation exceptional?