sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Monday, January 5, 2015

The Grievance Industry

The so-called "Grievance Industry" is composed of various groups with an interest in promoting "isms". Racism and feminism have been the largest rallying cries of the progressive left over the last year.

The Grievance Industry is one of the pegs in the "big tent" that the Democratic Party claims includes all Americans. The term 'all Americans' is very misleading because it clearly does not include Americans who prefer heterosexual marriage, Americans who would rather see rights for the unborn than see them slaughtered, Americans who own firearms, etc.

Rolling Stone Magazine's campus rape hoax and the claims of an American rape culture seem to have lost traction.

The Fergusson riots and New York City unrest that led to Mayor de Blasio's support of the mob over the police department did not turn out well. The murder of two NYPD officers by an angry black criminal hoping that they were white didn't turn out well for the Grievance Industry when those murdered officers turned out to be minorities themselves. 

Pres. Obama and Rev. Sharpton eating chicken at one of
their favorite haunts, surrounded by Secret Service.
Only in urban hells are repudiations of grand jury decisions holding water, thanks to an American President who calls those locations "his base", and the culture of dependence promoted by those who have a vested interest in keeping certain minority groups dependent on government hand-outs to hold power.

The cheerleader for the Grievance Industry is none other than Al Sharpton, a tax cheat whose freedom rests in keeping a Democrat in the White House. Will his cheer leading efforts pay off in the coming year, or is the public growing tired of the industry that he, and his good friend Obama, support so ardently?

Redefining the Second Amendment

The Second Amendment has nothing to do with hunting. That's not why it's in the Bill of Rights. When Republicans use hunters as justification for the right to personal firearm ownership, they tick me off. The Second Amendment is about the public having recourse. I don't advocate public recourse in the present environment, but it's always an option...and that's why the Second Amendment is important.

h/t Woodsterman
The only places in the nation where firearms violence is out of control are in states where private ownership is heavily restricted as defined by law. The open carry states are the very safest places to be because criminals never know when the victims will shoot back. I realize that "an armed society is a polite society" will never be part of the utopian liberal lexicon but it's the only strategy that actually works. Progressives are never bothered about things working because they focus on listening to themselves speak and congratulating themselves on their wit and erudite speeches.

Empowering criminals to victimize is a strategy of the progressive left. At any of the school massacre sites in America, the gunman would have been stopped in his tracks by any well trained and armed teacher. Criminals will always be well armed. All honest people need is the empowerment of parity.