sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Grey (Rule 5)

Valentines Day is nearly my least favorite holiday (behind Kwanzaa and September 11, the day President Obama said we should use to honor community organizers). But this year, there is a Valentine's Day feature film in the movie theaters that is porn/soft porn dedicated to what women say that they want. Yes, I'm writing of Fifty Shades of Grey. Based on a series of books by the same name.

As I understand the ratings, it's what Hollywood is now calling a "hard R".

I've always held the opinion that kinks are a private matter between consenting adults, so I am not judging -- but a number of wives and girlfriends of friends of mine who read the books are looking forward to being wined, dined and 69'd along with whips and chains - constituting a form of foreplay blended with Cinderella.

Trailer and Review:

Whatever your preferential form of Valentine celebration turns out to be, I hope that it works. It used to be that candy was dandy, but liquor worked quicker. Now, things are much more complicated.