sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Saturday, February 21, 2015


Some guys cruise porn sites for fun. To me that's a lot like a starving man watching somebody cook and eat a perfectly marinated ribeye steak in front of them. Women read romance novels and bought Fifty Shades of Grey in record numbers to lend substance to their kinks -- apparently.

Looking at handguns leaves you with a more achievable fantasy. (LINK

To me, one who is not a particularly huge fan of Ruger handguns, there is a world of difference between an out-of-the-box Ruger and one that has been spruced up by Gemini Customs.

These are all Ruger SRH Alaskan Guide Guns in .454 Casull.


This is my favorite of the Gemini Custom SRH Alaskan handguns pictured here primarily because of the V-8 porting. The porting helps control the muzzle climb from a .454 round fired from a short barreled handgun. I would have done something else with the hammer - so it's not precisely how I would have ordered the modification, but, it's very close to perfect for this particular handgun.