sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Let's Talk about Race

I don't drink coffee. Yes, I know that it's the life blood of the Navy, but I don't have that addiction. I don't smoke either. I avoid stuff that tends to control me, to the extent possible. I pay taxes because there is a gun pointed at my head if I don't...that's not an addiction but it's control and I pay. 

Coffee is one of those things that I avoid. I've heard that the coffee mixers at Starbucks are supposed to ask customers what they think about race. I didn't experience it until I met a guy there to talk about work-related stuff. So I went in and sat amid laptop-dependent live-at-home twenty and thirty-somethings who spend half the day there swilling $8.00 double latte mocha mud that their parents end up paying for.

The coffee mixer asked, "can we talk about race?" I said, "I think that you're an dot, not feather. Am I right and do I get a free cuppa joe?" I didn't get a free cup, so I ordered ice water while the other guy, an Iranian named Hassan, got a frapachino of some sort. 

The jumped-up little billionaire who owns the Starbucks brand  lives in a gate-guarded mansion in the Seattle suburbs where there are only white people. Therefore he feels that we should all talk about race.

To satisfy that billionaire and the wimpy coffee mixer, I went around the place identifying the races I thought were present: "I'm a redneck, gun toting cracker, my friend from the Middle East is a sand nigger or a dune coon, depending on your point of view (pointing to Hassan, the coffee drinker). The bull lesbian over there next to you (also a coffee mixer - lot of tats) looks like a mulatto, and the rest of these jerk offs are of indeterminate race (people on their laptops) and all of them seem to be pretending to be doing something so that they're not underfoot in their parent's homes all day. Does that work for you?" 

He nervously said that it did.

The morons sitting around Starbucks in the mid-morning time period were classic progressive liberals and presumably they enjoy the self-indulgent bullshit! But then again, that's what liberals do isn't it? It's Southern California and the fact that damned near every race under the sun from Danes and Asians to Mexicans and Negroes were present in Starbucks drinking one $8.00 coffee after another is proof positive that the "white privilege" that they whine about doesn't exist.