sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Thursday, March 26, 2015

NY Blogging

I stepped out to take a few photos from my penthouse balcony before I left the hotel for the airport, and to comment on New York City. It's been a cold and rainy week in the Big Apple, but I'm here on business, not to indulge my vacation fantasies. 

This is Hillary Clinton's city. Mayor DiBlasio was one of principle campaign managers when she ran for president last time and failed.  Clinton (and Obama) are clearly the darlings of big business, and of New  York City.

Bill Clinton recognized that corporate money was an untapped resource by the Democrats. He came from a State where it really wasn't an option to be a player without cozying up to the State's biggest industries (chicken pluckers, pig farmers and Walmart). 

Yes, I've had my nose broken once too often
but somehow the old grizzled face seems to
fit with the old grizzled city.
Hillary, while a protomarxist, understands the formula. Obama took up where the Clintons left off. Wall Street, the tech giants, the entertainment industry have all benefited greatly from Obama's quid pro quo administration.  He's taken the Chicago model nationwide.

The Obama years have resulted in unrestrained profits for Wall Street. Hillary will promise more of the same because while she protests that she's broke, one hand washes the other. Business is not about absolute morality. It exists to make a profit. I'm clearly not anti-business, but that's what drives the machine.

So when your Democratic Party friends call the Republicans the party of big business, set them straight.

One more photo before I pay the hotel bill and grab a taxi.

Thursday Theory (from The Big Apple)

Blogging from the Road:

Thugs successfully attacked (local word is "mugged") a woman down the street from my hotel in Midtown Manhattan -- last night (cold and rainy). I commented that she should have shot the animals down where they stood. I was reminded by locals that New York is a civilized place (where only the criminals are armed).

I said, "Free people don't need to ask permission to bear arms." The New Yorkers looked as if I just landed from Mars. What sort of civilization trains people to be victims? The answer, of course, is that ours does. It's even more progressive than global warming (weather) is.

Whether conflict or old age strikes, we will leave this Earth. But it's best that you don't leave before you're ready and that when you shuffle off this mortal coil, you do it well. Living life on your own terms is important. Protecting yourself is part of living life on your own terms.

The Vikings did not hold foolish illusions. Their women were not weak. Many of them stood beside their men in the shield wall, and held their weapons in their hands, knowing that if they died valiantly they would go to Valhalla and dine in the corpse hall next to their men. They felt that if they died, it was important to do so bravely.

I feel as they did. Naturally I don't belong in New York...because it's so civilized. It's time to take my Jenny Wren tomahawk (It is legal to carry an axe around with you in NY) and go home to temps in the 90's and sunshine.