sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


I bought a 2015 Ducati Diavel.  My daughter, Emilie (pictured with the scooter because I'm just too ugly) has claimed it as her own. Unlikely that will happen.

Diavel means "devil" in Italian, so I have 170 horsepower of devil between my legs. Naturally this scooter is female, and while have I've had versions of the devil in that position before, I like this one better...not because she's black.

The Republican Field

My take on the Republican Presidential Field for 2016 (announced and yet to be announced). I will not vote for Hillary so one of these people will end up being the person that I will vote for:


Marco Rubio - Senator from Florida - I'd rather see him in a vice presidential spot in 2016. For all you Rubio supporters out there, that's simply how I see him. It's not because he has Hispanic roots or because he's a male. I simply think that the next president will have a full plate of Obama screw ups to deal with and I don't know that Rubio has the gravitas or the experience to handle them as well as others may.

Rand Paul - Senator from Kentucky - He's a scrapper, he's a doctor, not a career lawyer politician, and he is sworn to reduce the size of government. All of those things are important. Would Rand Paul be a good president? I think that he would. His foreign policy credentials have never been fired in the crucible, but he'll find his way through that swamp if he has good advice. 

John Kasich - Governor of Ohio - He has a lot of experience, now as a governor and previously as a member of the House of Representatives. He has more "gravitas" than any other candidate and I think that he has the best chance of beating Hillary Clinton. He is a moderate Republican with a strong current of common sense and practical reasoning behind what he does. Ideal running mate: Rep. Colonel Martha McSally (R-AZ) I think that Colonel McSally will be a contender for the presidency in 8 years.

Scott Walker - Governor of Wisconsin He's conservative, he's clearly a turn-around guy, having fixed many of the problems that plagued Wisconsin. Is he ready to be the leader of the free world and take on Iran, Russia and China? The jury is out on that. And therein may lie his problem.

Chris Christie - Governor of New Jersey - Christie's star began to fade when he offered New Jersey as a joint photo op for Barack Obama in 2014. I don't hear anyone speaking of him as a viable candidate. He hasn't announced and I think that all of the money is being sucked up by the rest of the field.

Ted Cruz - Senator from Texas - Cruz is a firebrand conservative, career politician and Harvard Lawyer. He has served three years in the US Senate. I think of him in much the way I do Marco Rubio. He's sincere, he's well spoken, and he is far more conservative than Rubio, but I would like to see more experience in a president. 

Jeb Bush - Governor of Florida - I STILL have yet to meet anyone who actually wants Jeb Bush for president. He has dynastic money and political connections because his father and brother were president. Of the potential Republican candidates, he's as liberal as Christie and he is unappealing because I don't think that America loves the dynasties.  He's a slick politician, but he'd grow government and would continue the problem that put us where we are.

Ben Carson - Retired Physician - He seems like a very nice guy, but I don't think that he's ready to be leader of the free world. The job is big and Obama has put us behind the curve in so many ways that the next president has to be able to organize and have the stroke to change things. I think that Carson my lack the iron.

Carly Fiorina - Retired Business Executive - Florin really wants the job, but her ego doesn't seem to match her experience. Many people believe that she's running for vice president and I tend to agree with that. 

Mike Huckabee - former Arkansas Governor and Fox News contributor - Everyone who knows Huckabee likes him and I like him. I don't think that he has what it takes to fix the Obama disaster.

Then there are Lindsay Graham, Bobby Jindal, George Pataki, Donald Trump, Rick Perry, Rick Santorum, etc. -- if you think any of these people have a chance of winning the Republican nomination, shout out below.

Hillary (the Bitch of Benghazi) Clinton is beatable. 
Obama did it twice.