sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Intrigue in the Middle East

American foreign policy in a nutshell:

Barack thinks that we should trust the greasy little man in the turban...

Meanwhile in the Middle East, the Saudis are pushing for Pakistan to send ships, aircraft and troops with which they should invade Yemen. Once in Yemen, the Pakistanis should throw the Iranian backed Houthis into shallow graves. The Paks don't want to do that because there would be a lot of Pakistanis in shallow graves as well.

In Beijing, the Chinese have offered to offset the loss of Saudi Aid with their ready cash (earned from the USA) if the Pakistanis don't go to aid the "Magic Kingdon".
The Gulf Times published an analysis of the situation. In that analysis, Pakistani sources reportedly said that the timing and size of the Chinese aid offer for the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor plus Chinese promises of backing in the event Saudi Arabia cut off aid were critical factors in Prime Minister Sharif’s initial decision to say no to the Saudi request for aircraft, ships and troops for Yemen.
It appears that the Pakistanis compromised sufficiently to prevent a complete break with Saudi Arabia. According to one account, the Pakistani senior military officers told their Saudi counterparts that Saudi Operation Decisive Storm was hastily conceived, poorly planned and poorly targeted. Those criticisms, while accurate, are also self-serving excuses for Pakistan’s refusal to participate.

Context and Precedence: The Saudis have dumped many billions of dollars in aid to Pakistan in the hopes that they'd act as a Saudi cat's paw if the Iranians ever came knocking. Now that Iran is on their doorstep, threatening to shut down their oil exports, the Paks are forgetting all that love.

Islamic Refugee Crisis

Various and sundry Muslim nations are killing their own people in addition to beheading Christians and queers and Christian queers. As a result, their people are setting sail with an eye toward settling in Great Britain, in Big Europe or in the US.  I find it strange that they want to flee to Christian nations.

Fox News reported that the United Nations is calling for rich nations to take Muslim refugees - 1 million to start. The US is naturally the biggest chump, so it's the first place to start. The UK is the second biggest chump, so I'm certain that they'll take a million and put them on the dole.

The Australians have said, "Not now, not ever, never." Those among you who are progressive will likely foam at the mouth at the Australian refusal to import terrorists into their country. I agree, it's not very inclusive of them.
(Fox News) The humanitarian disaster unfolding on the Mediterranean is likely already providing a "shield" for Islamist terrorists to infiltrate waves of migrants attempting the perilous crossing from North Africa to Europe, terrorism experts and other strategic observers are warning. And they say a UN plan to resettle 1 million refugees in Western nations would turn the situation into a full-blown security crisis. 
The exodus now unfolding, as well as the UN call to take in refugees from war-torn Middle Eastern and African nations over the next five years, is providing a “shield for the passage of jihadists to Europe,” said one analyst. Once absorbed into the societies of Europe and other rich countries such as the United States, ISIS operatives would be set to eventually gain all the freedoms of other citizens of those countries – including the freedom to travel, often without having to go through the extra scrutiny involved in obtaining a passport visa.
There are no richer nations than Saudi Arabia and Iran. They are awash in oil revenue. I suggest that the Muslim refugees go to these Islamic havens. Wherever they go, they should NOT be allowed into the US. Let the Sunni go to Saudi Arabia and the Shites go to Iran.

If the Iranians can afford to build bombs, they can certainly afford to feed a few million more of their brethren in the spirit of Muslim love and the Five Pillars of Islam.