sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Friday, May 1, 2015

Freedom Friday

2015 Ducati Diavel

There are many definitions of freedom and I won't argue with any of them because there is an inherent subjective hue to the word. There are many things that make me feel free, and while I know that they are all illusions (the world around me is a reflection of my reaction to the world around me), I can enjoy them all the same.

Post Script:

As far as Texas goes...

Would they join the mutual
admiration society? Would they
exchange their horses for Diavels?
I have no current plans to ride or trailer the scooter to Texas and then demonstrate to the Texas Highway Patrol/DPS that I am faster than a speeding ticket (you can't outrun the radio).

However if the Texas Rangers saw the Diavel, I wonder if they'd turn in their Stetsons for helmets and their horses for bikes? They'd go from an organic one horsepower conveyance to a 168 horsepower smart android unit that weighs less than a horse. And no need for spurs to make it go fast as chain blue lightning. If the Rangers went for the swap, would Texans hold me personally responsible for Californicating their cherished institution? And would I need to flee back to the fetid blue state where I normally hang my helmet, a hunted man and in fear of my very life? Or might the Rangers (the cops, not the baseball team) stand up for me?

One Riot, one Diavel...

Mind you, I've thought of driving to Texas for work, but it's a 3 day drive OR it's a 3 hour flight...