sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Monday, June 8, 2015


Wisconsin straw poll results
Clinton 49
Bernie Sanders 41
Joe Biden 3
Jim Webb 2
Martin O'Malley 2

(The Hill) Wisconsin Democrats might not be ready for Hillary Clinton, as Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) finished just 8 points behind Clinton in a new Badger State straw poll. 
Clinton finished with 49 percent of voters at the state party convention, with Sanders in second place with 41 percent of the vote. Vice President Joe Biden and former Gov. Martin O'Malley (D-Md.) tied at third with 3 percent of the vote. Former Sen. Jim Webb followed with under 2 percent, and former Gov. Lincoln Chafee (D-R.I.) closed out the poll with 1 percent. 
The surprise showing is a boost for Sanders, who regularly polls about 40 percentage points behind Clinton in national poll and rarely finishes within striking distance to Clinton. It's the closest he's come to toppling Clinton at the polls, outside of a 9-point margin in a Gravis Marketing poll of Wisconsin state voters. 
National Republican Party leaders have taken to Twitter to tout the results, framing them as trouble for Clinton.
I didn't find this all that surprising because people don't really like Hillary Clinton. She's a cold, scheming, corrupt, reptilian-human.  Bernie Sanders is an old communist, and the alternative to Clinton no matter how obtuse. Joe Biden...who has been a heartbeat away from the presidency for over 6 years now, must not have impressed people in Wisconsin.

I'm sure that it will be even closer in Massachusetts where Elizabeth (Fake Indian) Warren was closer philosophically to Sanders than Clinton. As to Biden, is he running or do people presume that he will challenge the Clinton fund raising, scamming and scheming juggernaught?

Is a Cooked Bird, Prejudice?

My daughter, Emile, attended a picnic pot luck lunch at college that coincided with the final exam process.    She told me that she planned to bring fried chicken. I said, "confess up front to the students that you're part black." Your chicken is award-winning and the black people at school will wonder if you're part negro because it will be better than their momma and their grandma's chicken.

Her reaction was, "you are so racist". 

Yeah, of course. I'm also islamophobic and all of the other things.

She took the chicken, it was a massive hit, and a black student came up to her and asked, "are you part black? Because that chicken is even better than my grandma makes!"

Naturally, she immediately texted me with a ROFL. 

Sometimes the old man isn't as dumb as she thinks that he is.