sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

EPA on the Loose

The Obama Regime takes another shot at regular folks:
(Fox News) (now) The EPA will determine and enforce aircraft emissions limits, following a similar effort to limit emissions by cars, trucks and power plants. But conservatives say higher airplane efficiency standards will only force airlines to raise ticket prices or install more seats on already cramped flights.  
"Airlines already have a tremendous incentive to reduce fuel burn, and reduce CO2 emissions right now," said Sam Batkins, the director of regulatory policy at the American Action Forum. "Airplanes themselves are already efficient and are already getting more efficient each year." 
Airlines are among the most efficiency-minded transportation industries. Normally tight-margin companies, the less fuel airlines burn, the more money they make. 
"There's not a market failure in airline efficiency," said Batkins.
The first thing that must be eliminated are the executive jets of the rich and famous. Let freaks like Bruce Jenner, the Kardashians, Oprah, Harry Reid and George Clooney fly coach with everyone else... Let them go through security and stand in line like the rest of the proles and be pawed by morons at TSA. Let their carry-ons be clawed over and their children be terrorized. Let them eat the crappy snacks that you have to pay for  now (but once were free) in coach.

Once the executive jets that belong to the rich, to government potentates and military brass are gone, the Environmental Protection Agency can take it's shot at everyone else in America.

And who knows, since all of the  progressive rich seem to be so firmly of a mind that human-related activity causes global warming, they might be happy to give up their plush executive jets... yeah, when pigs fly next to them in the landing pattern.

Michael Moore wouldn't be flying anywhere...
Executive jets burn far more fuel per person flown than commercial (cattle car) aircraft. And if you eliminate first class and consign all flyers to the same level of misery as the "people in the back", they will be even more fuel efficient. How about that Congressman and Senator? How about that Oprah and Al Gore (neighboring mansions in Montecito, CA)? What about Michael Moore, multi millionaire propaganda documentary maker? He's a behemoth and I doubt that he could fit in a coach airplane seat. Maybe he could find a large enough seat on a train. Do they have bench seating?