sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Planning for Christmas -- in June

An update on one of my projects

And when I say "my", I am one of four co-founders of Ashima Devices.

After receiving a new round of capital, these little drone aircraft (made by my company: shameless plug) may be available at a retailer near you for Christmas 2015. They're tough enough for your kids to use without hurting themselves and are unlikely to break easily since all of the moving parts are internal to the aircraft.

Yes, LSP there will be one earmarked for you and Blue Hammer.

It is FAR more difficult to put together a start-up company that manufactures something novel and requires a lot of science to make it work - and get to the point where you turn a profit, than I thought it would be. 


This is a different system that we put on kickstarter - looking for financial backing - and met that goal in May. So pardon the sales pitch at the end of the video (below). Some people prefer open blade systems to ducted fan propulsion.

Polyhelo is the division of Ashima Devices that sells UAV's to the consumer marketplace.