sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Secession Precedent

As with many 'social justice' precedents that the Obama Administration is trying to set, there are always consequences that are unforeseen. 

In an article from (IDB), the author explains how President Obama is trying to aid Hawaiian secession from the US, while preserving welfare benefits for Hawaii, already awash in government payments and "free money" to its residents. 

I'm not sure that the President has the authority to do that, but as we all know, the law is set aside for the sake of expediency these days. If he was able to do that, would it be possible for, say, Texas, to return to its status as a "separate but equal" status on the American continent and receive all of the benefits of being a US State without having its residents need to pay income tax to the USA? Texas is capable of defending its borders, of providing for the common defense and of generating income independent of the USA. It would be all the sweeter if they continued to receive vast and generous payments from the other states. 

Would other states follow? Likely. Wyoming could do the same, or maybe the intermountain states would form some sort of confederation? None of them are all that fond of Washington and they're awash in oil. Southern States feel much the same as do all of the fly-over states. 

Granting special status to Hawaii would be interesting but a future president could also remove all of the military facilities and personnel from Hawaii as the place descends into third world status. The welfare benefits that this president so generously hands out (other people's money) could also end. With all of that would come the reduction of tourism over time. I realize that is not what Hawaii wants, but the cause and effect of 'getting what you want' doesn't always result in a happy ending.

As to Puerto Rico - let it become it's own independent Caribbean nation, who wants it? The Puerto Ricans always demonstrate their hatred of the US anyway. Let them manage it without American money.

Guam (near as I can tell) still wants to be a US Territory. Give them all of the money the rest of the nation has been pumping into Hawaii.

Saipan? No. Just let them go too. The Japanese can retake it. Or maybe the Chinese. Who cares?

Only Because it's Tuesday

Warning! If you are a fan of Hillary Clinton, Madonna or The Kardashians, you will be offended by this blog post. Move on, and check out Media Matters or the NPR website.

“There is nothing more painful to me at this stage in my life than to walk down the street and hear footsteps... then turn around and see somebody white and feel relieved." -- Rev. Jesse Jackson

Political Hash and Trash

I wonder what it must feel like for somebody as rich and powerful as Hillary Clinton to be bested by an old political has-been communist like Bernie Sanders? With her army of advisors, with former Pres. Bill, with more lawyers than a Wall Street brokerage around her, she still comes off like a shrill, dishonest, narcissist. 

And it may be worse than that. Even though I don't think that she'll see the inside of a jail cell, the mounting evidence around her and the cronies who are fleeing her side (as the parasites drop from the host) make for kabuki theater of the highest order.

The public calls for a Joe Biden run must be especially galling, since The Bitch of Benghazi considers herself the only Democrat fit to be Leader of the Free World. And we all know that it's just a matter of time before she's indicted as the result of the FBI investigation and Obama pushes for his cat's paw, Old Slow Joe to usher in Barack's third term as president.

More Kabuki Theater

Madonna is transforming herself into a frog. She is said to be heavy into witchcraft and this may explain it. The fifty-eight year old former singer has lost her singing voice (ribit) and she's going on tour again. I'm sure that it will be a lipsync to an earlier tune from an earlier time. Does sorcery and necromancy work? You be the judge.

Kim Kardashian is trying to make herself into a human penguin. Or so it's rumored. Who knows with that family? The large rear lends itself to a penguin style waddle (in much the same way as Hillary Clinton does) Anything for ratings. If the penguin transformation doesn't go as planned, Kim can always become a guy for the sake of a quick buck and --- reality show ratings.