sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Redistributive Politics

The evidence being used that man's use of fossil fuels is causing the planet to warm is not consistent with fact. Earth isn't even warming. Temperatures have not increased in any appreciable way in almost two decades. And it wasn't man who caused the end of the last Ice Age when there really was global warming.

According to media reports, some poor countries say they're victims of weather disasters, their residents becoming refugees escaping catastrophe. These nations want the U.S. and other wealthy countries to cough up more than the $100 billion a year that's already been pledged to them to mitigate global warming.

More specifically, they're asking for "additional compensation for weather-related disasters as well as a 'displacement coordination facility' for refugees," says USA Today. "And they want all this to be legally binding as part of the larger anticipated Paris accord (coming in December)."

Of course they do. They know a good racket when then see one. Everyone wants money for nothing and chicks for free... The socialists want to use climate change as a club to punish developed nations for having successful economies. It's a way to redistribute wealth on an international rather than national basis.
In the late 1980s — almost 30 years ago — a former Canadian environment minister admitted to the Calgary Herald that it doesn't "matter if the science of global warming is all phony." What matters is that climate change provides "the greatest opportunity to bring about justice and equality in the world."
What do you want to bet that Obama is fine with giving away "other people's money" to this cause while he's dragging the sack for a billion dollars to build a monument to himself (Presidential Library) in Chicago? Why not give the billion to poor countries suffering from climate change, Barack?

Thoughts on Gulf War Illness

One in four Gulf War veterans suffers from Gulf War Illness (GWI). The condition is characterized by unexplainable chronic fatigue, muscle pain and cognitive dysfunction and may be associated with exposure to chemicals, many identified as genotoxins, during deployment. Previous studies suggest that the symptoms of GWI are due to dysfunction of the mitochondria, the site in cells where molecules that power the body's processes are produced. Not producing enough energy slows down the body and leaves the individual feeling tired. New preliminary research to be presented at "Physiological Bionergetics: From Bench to Bedside" shows for the first time direct evidence of greater mitochondrial damage in Gulf War veterans.

The mitochondrion has its own DNA, separate from the cell's, that encodes the proteins needed to produce the molecules that power the body's processes. Damage to the mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) directly affects the mitochondria's ability to function and produce energy. Increases in the amount of mtDNA have been associated with disease. In this study, researchers measured the mtDNA amount and degree of mtDNA damage in blood cells from blood samples from veterans with GWI. Compared with healthy non-deployed controls, Gulf War veterans had more mtDNA content and greater mtDNA damage. According to the researchers, these findings further support that mitochondrial dysfunction may be involved in GWI. "Future studies are necessary to confirm these findings and determine their association with mitochondrial function. Work in this area may guide new diagnostic testing and treatments for veterans suffering from GWI."

There are cynics who believe that the damage was caused by the anti-chemical warfare injection that military people who deployed to the region received. Friends in the intelligence community warned me NOT to allow myself to get the shot. I took them at their word and never developed GWI. I leave it all to you to judge.