sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Does Bernie Sanders need a Food Taster?

It's interesting to see Bernie Sanders shuffle around with his wife, no evident security, pulling his little roll-aboard bag, in need of coffee and a Danish to get the motor started. The Bern is grumpy, but he's 75 and he's earned it.

Contrast that if you will to Hillary Clinton and a full Secret Service Detail, an army of handlers (working on her next 'reset'), advisors, and food tasters.
I don't think that Bernie Sanders would do a swan dive into his oatmeal without assistance and the Clinton machine is known for making that happen.
Sanders needs some sort of bullet proof clothing, loyal retainers and a food taster (there is a precedent)(Barack's food tasters) to keep him safe since he's now a clear and present danger to the pre-anointed Queen of America. Any Byzantine satrap would take the same precautions. Is Bernie? I don't know. That remains to be seen. Will he make it to the convention or will he end up playing in the same harp band as Vince Foster?

Could Sanders (cold as a marble slab) still win the Democratic Party's nomination if somebody put a voodoo hex on him - "Weekend at Bernie's" style???

Absent Sanders, Clinton in heavy custody, who might fill the void?

After all, Hillary Clinton herself said that she ran as the third Obama term. And we known that Barack doesn't want to leave his cushy job at the White House if he can't be UN Secretary General or the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.


Does Ted need a food taster? 

Could Ted end up looking like Grandpa Munster after a dose
of 'cough syrup'? Best ask Dr. Carson.
This is how the headline read: Republican presidential hopeful Ben Carson on Tuesday pointedly accused Ted Cruz’s campaign of spreading false rumors during the Iowa caucuses claiming the retired neurosurgeon was suspending his bid, in a coordinated effort to seal Cruz’s victory Monday night.

Cruz apologized. But everyone knows that he's pulled every filthy election trick that he can to puff his numbers. To me, that puts him at the bottom of my list. To the neurosurgeon, familiar with what causes the brain to work, and to make it not work...maybe Cruz needs a food taster too?

Clinton Claims a Big Win

The media talking heads were crowing like roosters at dawn that Hillary Clinton won the Democratic Caucus in Iowa last night, (by something on the order of .3%). 

Clinton ascended the dias to accept accolades but she's a political animal and knows that Bernie Sanders dealt her a serious blow.

She tied a 74 year old socialist who isn't even a Democrat, and proposes a maximum tax rate of 90%. They come out of Iowa with the same number of delegates to the national convention. If that is a win, I think that her opponents in the opposition party will cede it to her. 49 more states to go until the nomination provided that she's not indicted by the Justice Department.

The Democratic Party's mandarins have to be secretly concerned that she has such a bad showing in Iowa. At one point, she was 50% ahead of Sanders. He closed the lead down to nearly an even score. What does that portend for the Party of Obama?

If they need somebody stronger, Barack can tell DOJ to indict the Bitch of Benghazi, opening up a window for Biden or some other luminary to run against Sanders for the nomination. Or they can wedge an acceptable vice president in under Sanders and he can die in office. These things happen.

The people who had to show big in Iowa such as Huckabee (dropped out) and O'Malley (dropped out), Fiorina, Glimore, Santorum, Jeb!, Christie and Kasich were all blistered.  Carson, who hoped to appeal to the hard core religious vote, finished in fourth place and he's not expected to do well in New Hampshire next week. He may remain in the race for a couple of weeks but the money will dry up. Carson is a rich man, but not rich (or stupid) enough to self-fund a campaign where people aren't supporting him. The Republicans have had a three way race for a while and it remains between Trump, Rubio and Cruz.  The others are trying to steal a little thunder but all they're going to end up doing is humiliating themselves if they stay in through the end of the month. 

Jeb! vowed to remain in it to the end even though he only managed 3% of the R vote in Iowa. He has the money and the ego to do it.