sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Monday, March 14, 2016

An Informal Survey of Likely Hispanic Voters

As some of you know, I worked for USGOV in Mexico for five years, ending in 2013, dealing with cartel related issues. In that capacity I became friendly with a number of the movers and shakers in Mexico both inside and outside MEXGOV as well as with Hispanic (first generation) Americans living in the US.

I started taking this survey about two months ago and pre-Tuesday's Primaries, it's time to share it with you. This survey is neither academic nor is it random. It has no claims as to general accuracy across the broad expanse of Americans with Hispanic family roots.

All of the people I spoke to are Republicans with the exception of one, who supports Sanders. His support for Sanders revolves around his failure to succeed at business. He hopes to live off the largess of the State in the same way that a parasite draws strength from its host. He's a typical Sanders supporter.

Therefore the people who I've surveyed are generally educated, many own businesses or are self employed as attorneys or CPA's. The following results are an amalgam of what they've told me.

Marco Rubio: A little man in a big hurry who memorizes his talking points well.

Ted Cruz: A Harvard educated attorney married to an executive at Goldman Sachs who likes to portray himself as "every Hispanic", when he's clearly not. Every time he speaks, he gives a sermon, which is off-putting.

Donald Trump: A bareknuckle brawler who understands business and deals who would likely do more for American business interests than anyone in government has in fifty years or more. They all prefer Trump.