sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Friday, March 18, 2016

Irish Music

St. Patrick's Day has reminded me of so many beautiful songs from Ireland that I thought today might be a nice time to share. Aileen Duinn (dark haired Alan)  is a song about a woman who misses her man and would do anything to be with him. The Crow on the Cradle by Mary Black is a song of the troubles in Northern Ireland and is no less haunting.

How sorrowful I am
Early in the morning rising 

I would go with you, Brown-haired Alan, ò hì, I would go with you 

If your pillow is the sand
If your bed is the seaweed 

I would go with you, Brown-haired Alan, ò hì, I would go with you 

If the fish are your bright candles
If the seals are your watchmen

I would go with you, Brown-haired Alan, ò hì, I would go with you

I'll end this with the late, great Liam Clancy singing Mary Ellen Carter, with his brief commentary.

Current Events


The statement below resonates. Then again, we could become a problem if we were abused, couldn't we? And that is why the totalitarian minded and collectivists among us are uneasy.


And in other news, the Irish riots are beginning because #greenlivesmatter is becoming the latest fad in American politics. There is some confusion as to whether the hippies that joined are in favor of the Irish or space aliens. You'd have to ask them. The movement's popularity in Austin, Texas, where they drink green beer (chasing strange mushrooms) suggests confusion as they seek a close encounter of the third kind...


Just when you thought that the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea or Nork) might be calming down, launched two more ballistic missiles today. One blew up in mid-flight and the other splashed down in the Sea of Japan.

The DPRK chose to test their Nodong medium-range ballistic missiles. The term "no-dong" must have a different meaning in North Korea than it does in English. I can't imagine the US Air Force ever naming one of their cherished missiles "no-dong".

The Japanese reaction has been restrained when you consider that some of the missile debris came down within Japan’s Air Defense Identification Zone. 

This is the second missile launch effected by the Norks (first on March 10) since the US/ROK military exercises commenced. Some suggest that the fat little dictator is acting out like a spoiled child. I tend to agree. But note that he didn't launch his defective missiles in a southerly direction.

Interpreting Solutions

First, I have more attack information for you Trump haters. It appears that The Donald adopted the Japanese plan for dealing with Muslims without giving them due credit:

Even though this has not surfaced as a strategy during a Trump Administration, nobody is ruling it out. We know that it works in Hungary.

I have a thought that we could round up all of the razorback hawgs in Texas, Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama and Arkansas, ship them to Syria and simply release them, simply as a gesture of good will from their neighbors -- hands across the water, as it were. They're always begging for food. We could send them 100,000 feral tuskers on the hoof.

They might develop a taste for bacon (which is said to civilize savages), peace would break out and who knows where it would go from there?

Jorge Ramos and the people at Univision have plagiarized a plan to breach the wall between the US and Mexico that they will be paying for. Will it work this time? It did once.

Sadly, the gene pool that made the Aztecs, Mayans, Toltec and Inca civilizations great was eliminated by Europeans. Thus, the current plan was hatched.

The Bitch of Benghazi, who is running for President of the United States, has a very very very short memory.