sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Weekend Sermonette

Wisdom and inspiration for today's Weekend Sermonette comes from the backs of t-shirts. Because it's a non-denominational sermonette, I think that may be appropriate.

I saw a soft and delicate man who sings and acts for a living (he's also heterosexual, which I found odd) interviewed on television this past week. He spoke about how revenge is a futile and worthless practice. He asked people to disarm individually and nationally embrace their fellow men, open their borders to a few million military age Muslim males, and live in joy, sharing all that we have with (human lice) them.
I did a little research and was surprised to learn that he has not flung open the doors of his mansion to the homeless and the only illegal aliens he allows on the property groom his lawn, wash his Bentley and skim his pool. His progressiveness would seem to end at his locked front door.  When he steps on stage to sing, he employs rough men to stand between him and his throng of adoring fans. Curious, don't you think?
While that is a noble and sweet thought, all of the great powers on Earth maintain nuclear arsenals to maintain the peace. We have learned through long experience in America that an armed society is a polite society. I view the threat of revenge in much the same way as mutual assured destruction ended the Cold War and secured the peace.

I understand the fear that former Secretary of Homeland Security and famous lesbian, Janet Napolitano, had for returning veterans and retired peace officers. She put the threat that they posed to the Obama Regime ahead of that posed by Muslim Terrorists, which President Obama doesn't believe to exist.

You don't see veterans who have had millions of dollars spent on them to improve their skills at killing, doing harmful things do you? But it doesn't mean that the capacity doesn't exist either. And that terrifies progressives, and thirty-four year old, onesie wearing, pajama boys living in their parent's basements at night and "occupying" during the daytime, carrying the pre-printed sign that they were handed by their undisclosed masters.

A lot of people walk this earth as silent killers. They train to fight in the gym, on the range, and in the books that they read. Not only are they capable, but they're always ready. Preparedness is an article of faith to them.

They wear an invisible slogan on their foreheads that reads, "Be careful who you try to victimize. They may be a person who welcomes the chaos." Usually inner city people leave those people alone because they recognize that they (the thugs) are not the apex predators that they would like to be.

There is a lot of truth on the backs of t-shirts. And no, most of my shirts contain no wisdom. They're plain. But it doesn't mean that these slogans aren't meaningful.

We find ourselves strangely adrift in a comfortable world, surrounded by more than our fair share of weak men, who's biggest concerns involve fashion, social justice and who are looking for a better foamy/sugary cup of  $10 coffee. There is a reason that we feel unrest in that setting. We yearn for the days that rational people would consider the worst of our lives - days full of danger, poor food, little sleep, stress and fear. We yearn for these days, not because of a need to relive them, but for the feeling of once again walking among lions.

The worst of times somehow become the best of times when you're surrounded by men of substance, men you can count on, regardless of situation.

I'd rather suffer in good company, than live comfortably surrounded by delicate men.