sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Animal Flesh

In order to be spiritually pure you must eat meat. This Sunday Sermonette draws its inspiration from that simple truth.

Old wives' tales suggest that if you beat your meat, you'll end up going crazy. When you were a kid, those same old wives told you that eating spinach from a can would make you strong - but when you ate that tepid, slimy, metallic tasting, spinach, fresh from the can what did you do? That's right, you yak'ed it back up. They LIED to you. Popeye cartoons were simply one additional element to the propaganda. Think about it, when Popeye ate spinach, he won the love of a homely, knock kneed, woman with no rack - Olive Oil. Who wants that?

When I'm at the compound in Hillsboro Texas - located near the church - LSP always bar-b-cues a thick, juicy steak. When he grows weary of steak, he cooks hamburgers and he's an authentic parson. (see photo, left)

Some people turn from being carnivorous to vegan not because they love animals but because they hate plants. I can understand that.

Would a hamburger be as good without tomato and onion on it?  No.  And the bun has to be made from genuine bread made from wheat and EGGS. (No substitute eggs in my bread, please.) Plants have a place on the table as well.