sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Monday, June 27, 2016

Big Doings

We all have different ideas of what is important.  To some it is the global sweep of human affairs, to others it's the life of an endangered trash fish in a swamp. 

To my grandson and namesake (right) it was the loss of his first tooth (which he self-extracted). There is a second lower tooth that is loose and he's working on getting that one out. The tooth fairy is generous and the more teeth that he manages to pry out, the richer he is. He is not saving the money for his retirement or for a killer investment. His eyes are on an action figure that he wants to play with.

The difference between men and boys is the price of their toys.

It's easy to miss or misjudge perspectives unless you look and listen carefully.

A Dispatch from the Jihad

The mainstream media in the US must have missed this headline below. It turns out that mosques in France are arsenals. Who would have guessed? Likely it's just one of those misunderstandings about the "religion of peace".

I wonder if we put up a lot of these signs up, creating jihad-free zones, if it will keep the sand monkeys from going in and killing all of the unarmed people?

Have you noticed how they avoid armed people? If you're a prog, you likely have not noticed.

Didn't Loretta Lynch (Atty Gen) suggest that loving the jihadis is the way to defeat them? If that's the new philosophy, send Barack (a closet queen) to the Middle East when he steps down on a mission of love to ISIS. Will they drown him in a cage or set him on fire (lovingly)? He can take Lynch with him on his mission of love. I'm sure that they'll pass her around before they behead her.

France Closes Down Mosques; 334 War Grade Weapons Found
Police investigating the Paris terror attacks have shut down three mosques in a series of raids to close the net on Islamic extremists, the Express reports. 
France has been under a state of emergency since 130 people were killed in a series of terror attacks in Paris on November 13. Since then, some 2,235 homes and buildings have been raided, 232 people taken into custody, and 334 weapons confiscated. 
The number of weapons apprehended so far is reported as “staggering.” 
In a 15 day period, authorities have seized one-third of the quantity of war-grade weapons that are normally seized in a year. 
This latest raid comes as authorities in a number of European countries crackdown on mosques suspected of being a breeding ground for extremists cells operating in the continent.
This week German authorities expressed concern refugees might be susceptible to radicalisation by Muslim extremists, who are using religion as an excuse to get closer to the new arrivals from Syria and other parts of the Middle East.
Yeah, you think?

A million unemployed, Syrian/Iraqi/North African military age Muslim males set loose in Europe. What could possibly go wrong?