sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Where is Charles Martel?

Happy Bastille Day. La Marseillaise est l'Hymne National Français. Think on the lyrics...
Bastille Day Parade 
A large truck drove into a crowd of people who had gathered for a Bastille Day (July 14) fireworks show Thursday in the southern French city of Nice, killing at least 30 people and injuring 100 more in an apparent terror attack, officials said.  
A police official told France's BFM TV that the driver of the truck was also dead. A witness, Wassim Bouhlel, told the Associated Press that he saw the truck drive into the crowd, then witnessed the driver emerge with a gun and start shooting. 
"There was carnage on the road," Bouhlel said. "Bodies everywhere."
A friend from the Norwegian Intelligence community (Nasjonal Sikkerhetsmyndighet) dealing with counterterrorism, texted me when the news broke and asked me who I thought might be responsible. I suggested that the most likely suspect would be a Lutheran-Norwegian who was also a police officer on vacation in France. After all, Norway never joined the EU.  
Norway is proud of having expelled hundreds of Muslims persona-non-grata (PNG). My feeling is that they are about to expel more. The non-official view is that they'd be ecstatic to create a Muslim-free country, since the Muslims inevitably bring terrorists, organized crime and socially unacceptable behavior (such as rape) to a country that doesn't want it.
The Europeans are very tired of the sand monkeys who have arrived from their cesspool regions to create terror and rape. The European media is naturally skeptical and keeps beating the drum that the governments need to suppress white people who might take exception to having other white people killed by Muslims on killing sprees. The handwriting is on the wall with this one. If the existing governments don't deliver on handling the problem, they will be voted from office. (Do you hear that Barack and Hillary? There only so many dead people who can vote in any given election.)

Naturally as an American with a leader who has significant roots both in the Muslim world and the communist movement, I blame white people as well, for Muslim savages going on murderous rampages.

Trump's Cabinet

Now that we know that Mike Pence will be Donald Trump's vice presidential running mate, the handicapping is underway for the rest of the Republican cabinet choices. Look for Chris Christie as Attorney General, Michael Flynn as Secretary of Defense and Newt Gingrich as Secretary of State. 

I'm not opposed to Mike Pence as the VP candidate and know that he's a very well spoken, conservative man who would be a good president as well. 

I have not been approached by the Trump administration to replace John Brennan as the DCI...yet. (Always a bridesmaid, never a bride)

Hillary's worst f&%$ing nightmare would be for me to take Mike Comey's place as Director of the FBI. (Comey is serving out a ten year term as Director, but Pres. Trump could send him to Adak, AK to monitor FBI efforts there, and I could replace him in all but name)

And while we're talking about the crone, I still think that Al Sharpton would make a superb VP nominee for her. Giving him access to the nation's secrets and the nuclear launch codes would be no worse than giving them to Hillary or Barack.

Dallas Massacre - Lessons Learned

Police Response (S & B PM 2 scope on a Win 700 Mag)
Last week, 25-year-old Micah Xavier Johnson murdered five police officers in Dallas. Progs, and more particularly, Afro-American progs blame the police, and the firearm used to kill the police officers, not the shooter. If the shooter had been white, it would have been a completely different narrative. Why is that so, unless the media and the progs themselves are hopelessly racist?

For the police (who come in both genders and all races - and maybe various types of tranny too for all I know), the lessons learned are largely tactical. Any group of protesters who scream out for the murder of the police officers who are protecting them needs to be accompanied by a full tactical load-out including armored rescue vehicles and counter-snipers. 

The progs will decry this militarization of control for their marches, but it only makes sense. The police must be able to respond with surgical precision in the future. Dallas PD's failure to anticipate this problem will be a lesson learned for police departments nationwide. A team of counter-snipers on high ground can solve the sniper problems very quickly. Those of you who argue for de-militarization of civilian police organizations are losing traction. The militarization will need to be stepped up for these situations, ballistic protection upgraded along with helmet quality. The taxpayers will shoulder the  financial yoke.
An article by a prog in the Atlantic Monthly explains, "A community consistently subjected to violent discrimination under the law will lose respect for it, and act beyond it. When such actions stretch to mass murder it is horrific. But it is also predictable."
If indeed it is predictable (and a prog columnist says that it is), the police need to up their tactical game by sending officers with offensive firearms into areas which may be prone to use by urban terrorists like Johnson. Dealing with marches will become far more expensive for cities and counties but the licenses for same can increase proportionately.

Naturally the progs will howl that it's unfair to charge the angry Afro-Americans so much. 

So long as Barack and friends continue to regard every Afro-American killed at the hands of the police as a saint, the problem will expand. Black males commit more crimes per capita than other elements of the population. In fact, 40% of all police officers killed are killed by Black males though Black males are only 6% of the population. Have you ever heard Barack cite that statistic? I thought not.