sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Friday, August 19, 2016

The Nordic Model - and the ABC's

It's worth reading this
article in Foreign Affairs.

Hillary, Barack and the progs always point to the Nordic countries as their model...but are they being too quick to judge?

Businesses are closed on Sunday in Norway including the capitol city, Oslo. The trains run and there are small convenience stores open for food emergencies, but the country shuts down. It used to be that way in most of the US but we became more "progressive".  Temples of Greed (shopping malls) never close...not ever. The worship of consumption - the more conspicuous, the better, is our national mantra and must not be impeded.

Much of the success enjoyed by the Nordic countries has to do with a strong Lutheran work ethic, and a heterogeneous society where most of the people in the land are not of the same sort as the Muslim invaders or the denizens of inner cities of the US or Britain (for example).

The break down in those Nordic countries such as it is, can be laid at the feet of welfare dependence and the immigration of undesirables, which are the very hallmark of Prog 'success' stories like Detroit.
You will note that Norway deported much of it's troublesome Muslim population and both Denmark and Sweden are putting the brakes on allowing Muslim refugees in from the hellish lands from which they sprang.

There is an inherent dishonesty that exists among the Muslim refugee populations - and the egalitarian and generally honest Nordic culture is not set up for that. They still welcome the "right kind of people". In America that is considered 'racist' and 'Islamophobic'. In the Nordic lands, it's called common sense.

It's not about skin color, it's about character. So extrapolating that experience to the US and the ABC. The mainstream media says that we're not supposed to discuss it because 'ignorance is strength'.  Whether we discuss the morally and socially odious Muslims who slaughter the defenseless so that they can get to paradise and the 70 virgins waiting for them or the ABC's - it's all about culture.

A Nordic Model wouldn't work in the the slums in Los Angeles, in Baltimore, Chicago or Detroit. "What is missing?"  Good character, hard work and a culture that embraces a moral ethic including education and self sufficiency and that supports a nuclear family.

The ABC's

The American Black Culture (ABC) is a morally bankrupt community.

In the 150 years since President Lincoln (the first Republican) transferred the ownership of the slaves from the plantations to the government, any sense of responsibility among ABC has been crushed by ever-growing entitlements. In the ABC sections of our major cities, responsible people of color have fled what have become war zones. Only the lowest common denominator remains, and they have formed into gangs to establish control over individual blocks of turf. 

Seventy percent (70%) of black children have no father figure in their home. If you subtract the blacks who fled the war zone, the percentage within is much higher. While only 13% of the US population, ABC is over 50% of the indigent and 39% of the incarcerated. Responsible people of color know that if they don’t get their teenaged males out of the environment, ABC will kill them. 

ABC teaches their children that none of this is their fault. It is all the fault of the white man and his racist views. ABC needs to recognize that it is their own racist views that keeps them blaming others for their own failures. ABC also teaches their children that the police are the enemy. ABC is broken.

All blacks in America are not a part of the ABC. Many, through good family values and hard work, have escaped. Others never were part of ABC. They have black skin, but not the ABC mentality.