sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Friday, September 2, 2016

Getting Serious about Global Warming/Cooling/Whatever

It's time for Barack, John Kerry and the boys to get serious with the Russians and ask them to turn off their volcano. 

The Sarychev Volcano will likely contribute to global cooling, screwing up the global warming meme, and suggesting that the weather can't be controlled. The Russians might be inclined to point to the Yellowstone Volcano (pending) and ask why Barack hasn't fixed it to control the weather. Maybe he has and his achievements are shrouded in secrecy?


We're all made of star stuff. While it makes interesting SciFi reading it's hardly surprising.

What else would we be made of? In effect, the big stuff blows up, matter reorganizes, and makes up different stuff. What we do with the stuff that we're made of is an all-together different topic.

It's Friday.

The holiday weekend is upon us.

Escape the banality of life and do something fun. Make the most of what you are. Life only offers two things - time and the choice of how you will spend it.

Ducati Diavel, the She Devil

I looked at for movies playing in my area in the hopes of finding something that would work. It turns out that the feature films were negro movies (and I'm not one), slasher films (which I typically avoid), cartoons, or I'd seen it (Bourne and Hell or High Water). So much for that big plan. I'll just have to default to riding the She-Devil along the coast, stopping somewhere for lunch and then more riding.