sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Hillary Clinton's Health Issues

The elements which were emplaced to save the republic from corruption, namely the FBI (and in a larger sense, the Executive Branch of Government) have failed us all. There is no government standard of integrity that can be called on to vet Hillary Clinton, a liar and perjurer - though those can be said to be some of her more benign traits.

Here is one more analysis of what is likely a chronic health issue that would preclude Clinton from ANY sensitive job in government.

(H/T Daily Timewaster)

Dr. Noel cites a PATTERN of personal health 'crisis events' that Clinton has experienced in public. It's a lot like the Bill Cosby pattern of behavior in that the problem was common knowledge - but was not discussed. 

Will a chronic neurological disease that impacts judgment and the capability to hold public office be disclosed?

Don't expect the mainstream media to engage in journalism. That ship sailed a long time ago.