sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Monday, October 10, 2016

Pizza for Dinner?

It's a rant. I admit it.

The key upon which my schedule today depended was access to county offices. But it's Columbus Day... However, not being Italian, I didn't know or care so I drove an hour through traffic and arrived to find empty parking lots and a locked building. (rats!)

Columbus Day, Martin L. King Day and other ethnic holidays should not be an excuse to close government offices and give workers a day off at tax payer expense. St. Patrick's Day is not a bank/county holiday and neither is Halloween (witch holiday). I don't know of any business outside government and banks that takes Columbus Day off. I realize that in parts of the country, there are Columbus Day parades, but not in my part.

I have nothing against Italians. Adrienne may be preparing to scorch me for suggesting that Columbus Day shouldn't be a government holiday - but it shouldn't. Every Sunday of the year is a Catholic feast day dedicated to one saint or another. The government doesn't give employees Easter off work, but Columbus Day -- sure. There are something like 58 Indian (red dot, not feather) holidays per year, each dedicated to a different god. But we don't celebrate one of those. 

Let's face it, some people like to celebrate "their" holiday. That's why vacation time was invented. I don't celebrate Kwanza and I don't dance naked under the moon at the solstice in celebration of whatever they celebrate. But here I am, stuck celebrating Columbus Day. The ethnic food on MLK Day is chicken and watermelon. It's cabbage and corned beef on St. Patrick's Day. I guess I'll have a pizza for dinner and do it up right.

Of course, there were no tomatoes in Europe before Columbus (an Italian sailing under a Spanish flag) "discovered" the same land mass that the Vikings, Irish monks and who knows how many others had already "discovered". Thus, putting it in perspective, the discovery of corn (meal that goes on the pizza oven's deck) and tomatoes (which make pizza taste better)  does constitute a reason for me to celebrate. However, it still ended up being a wasted day from a standpoint of commerce.

Monday Madness

High Noon?

No matter who wins the presidential election, the country may not be big enough for both of the candidates to live in...ok, Hillary will be in prison if Trump wins, so technically she'd still be living in the USA. 

What of Bill (Slick Willy) Clinton, a sexual predator? Is he going to find Jesus or will he continue to hang with his latest conquest, Julie McMahon (Secret Service Code Name: Energizer [Bunny])?

And if Hillary wins it will be open warfare on the basket of deplorables, backed by newly appointed judges. Let there be no doubt on that account. Trump owns properties all over the world and can run his empire from any one of them, so he does have a bolt hole. But will the Bill/Hillary team have Trump assassinated? 

If you look at the photo (left) of Bill Clinton, and Web Hubble's daughter, Chelsea, seated next to him, you know that he wants Trump in a grave, safely six feet down, and feeding the tulips.

Trump had better hire a reliable food taster.

And now a word from the mainstream media:

A Lesbian President?

Will Hillary finally come out of the closet if she's elected? Hillary's lesbian dalliances are such an open secret, that I can't think that it would cause a ripple on the political water. The progs who vote for her would likely be thrilled that they had an openly lesbian person in the White House. Now, whether she brings Huma Weiner along as First Partner, or whether she selects another is a matter for speculation.
On the July 22, 2014 episode of The View, during a discussion of a new book by former Wall St. Journal reporter Ronald Kessler, The First Family Detail: Secret Service Agents Reveal Hidden Lives of the Presidents, the women on The View were dishing about the possible secret lives led by Bill and Hillary Clinton. 
Fellow host Sherri Shepard defended Bill, saying that in pictures of the Clintons, Bill always appears to be quite in love with his wife. To which Jenny McCarthy replied, “Well, maybe he has girlfriends and she has girlfriends.” (McCarthy's contract was canceled)