sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Handicapping the Third Debate

Clinton/Westworld - a second debate highlight
What should we expect? I thought I'd delve.

I can't help but wonder if we won't see more flies on Hillary at the third debate. Maybe they'll crawl across her eyeball in a tribute to the new HBO series, "Westworld" (remake). (here) (more here) It makes perfect sense if she is possessed by a demon, as some exorcists suggest.

I wouldn't rule a seizure out on the part of Slick Willy. He didn't seem any too pleased when Trump brought in the women that he'd abused and/or raped.

For the third time, Donald Trump will be debating against the news media. Chris Wallace is likely to be more fair than his predecessors, but time will tell. Wallace has been more fair than the shills at CNN or NBC in the past, but he's part of the media community. The news media is desperate to destroy Trump. The Donald must overcome them (and the rampant fraud expected at polling places) to win the votes needed to triumph.

"Clinton Ground Game"

Voter fraud is what they can get away with now (see above). A President Clinton vows to open the borders and invite everyone who wants to cross -- with the intent to break the political system forever (Wikileaks). Experts feel that the population of the US could double in four years with refugees flooding in from all corners of the world - arriving to full health care and welfare benefits. We'd be lucky to get away with a $30 trillion deficit by 2020.

Ok, back to handicapping the debate.

Slick Willy - a second debate highlight.
The media foamed at the mouth and recoiled in great horror when Trump suggested that if he won, he'd appoint a special prosecutor to get to the bottom of Hillary's evil and criminal behavior. However you KNOW that Barack is in it as well, so the Dems are not just fighting for their political futures, they are also fighting to keep from being held to account. 
Would Barack be given exile rights in Kenya? From the news reports, he's not all that popular back home, largely due to his advocacy for homosexuality. He'd have to find some country that would shelter him from the consequences of his actions. Maybe Barack and Hillary would end up in Russia living on the same floor of the same building as Snowden is? Would Putin grant sanctuary or would he allow them to be hauled back to the dock (in chains) and held to answer before a jury of their peers? While Barack is in exile in Russia, would he be compelled to take his mother-in-law (who now lives in the White House) with him?
We know that the People's Republic of China is unlikely to give Barack and Hillary sanctuary. The same is true of Israel...however the North Koreans could put them to work in the pea fields. It would be the first honest work that either of them ever did.
Will Director Comey, the corrupt leader of the FBI, be paraded into the debate this time and placed front and center to look into Hillary's reptilian eyes? I realize that he's not a rape victim (or maybe he is and we don't know), but Hillary doesn't trust law enforcement and she might think that he cut a deal with Trump? It would be great theater. It could only be better if Hillary went into a grand mal seizure...but I don't think that America is that lucky.

UPDATE: Maybe Sec. Clinton will be asked about the secret arms deal that she participated in in Libya? That would be worth the price of a bag of Cheetos.

Random Thoughts

Halloween is Coming

And Jupiter is singing to us. NASA's Juno spacecraft recorded this - and it's adapted to our hearing frequency range. (LINK) The sonata is strangely suited to this time of year. Who said that Jupiter doesn't care? Who? Likely the same people who discount the love that Harambe had for everyone, including the guy who put a .270 bullet through his melon.

Move over Nobel Committee

Nobody has nominated Vladimir Putin for a peace prize recently...or ever...but Barack got one for doing absolutely nothing other than being 1/2 black. So maybe fair is fair? Last Friday Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro  announced the creation of peace prize in honor of the dead socialist leader Hugo Chavez, and said he was awarding it to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Putin and Chavez - from back when Chavez was alive.
The announcement comes on the same day that the Nobel Committee awarded its annual Peace Prize to Juan Manuel Santos, president of neighboring Colombia, for his role in negotiating a peace agreement with Marxist FARC rebels.
"I've decided to create the Hugo Chavez prize for peace and the sovereignty," Maduro said during a televised broadcast to unveil a statue of Chavez designed by a Russian artist.  
"I think President Vladimir Putin deserves this Hugo Chavez award," he said, describing Putin as a "fighter for peace." 
Critics of the Ruling Socialist party frequently ridicule its efforts to build Venezuela's presence in international politics, noting the country's unraveling economic system has created runaway inflation and chronic product shortages. But that's no reason that they can't come up with an award to hand out. There may be a hidden agenda here (isn't there always?), and a hope for foreign aid from Russia.

Inheriting Money

There are times when I think that I may be a little bit F'ed up. When that happens I visit websites of people who are clearly more zoned out than I will ever be. is one of those places. There are other places as well, but to be honest, I'm not listing them here because I don't want to make fun of people who actually believe their own fantasies at that level. I find that many of them (unlike me) have money that they inherited. Which is a testament for why people should spend what they have while they are alive. 

Some of the most confused people on the planet move to Hollywood, to join in the culture and get a piece of the movie business. A shocking number of those are "trust fund babies". The reason for that should be apparent. While you're waiting for your 'big break', you need big money to hang out, do drugs, be seen at all of the trendy places (yada-yada-yada). A seat at the Sky Bar doesn't come cheap. Hollywood accepts the money of these hedge-funded zillionaire children and turns them into "creative geniuses". Because despite the assertion of progs that they think profit is filthy -- there is nothing that they like more than money.

Hollywood moguls are much like the ancient priests of Baal, who they resemble. Thus, if you have a trust fund and want to be accepted even though you are afflicted with unearned wealth, you can find acceptance and love in the entertainment industry. You can also make friends in the Temple of the Living Elvis (Las Vegas), but that's another story.