sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Thursday, November 17, 2016

A Tale of Two Countries

I rarely quote the New York Times, but I like what they did here. It's worth reading the article and I won't regurgitate that. 

Hillary Clinton's America

The point has been made that the Democrats style themselves as the party of the 'little man, the forgotten worker, etc.' But that's not how the country looks, is it? The Clinton archipelago only takes in fetid inner cities, a few Indian (feather) reservations and some liberal artsy enclaves, representing 15% of the country's land mass. 

The answer Dems are formulating, if the press is to be believed, is that they must be more socialistic, more opposed to traditional American values and need a former Black Panther revolutionary running the DNC (if it's possible to blend both an archest and a communist) to lead their march back from defeat. Maybe take Elizabeth (fake Indian) Warren as their figurehead?

That's not what I read from the map.  But I'm not a prog.

My advice to the progs is that they need to go with their gut and they need to keep those children on the street smashing main street, breaking glass, stopping traffic, blocking ambulances, screaming and destroying to show support for the Party of Clinton. Soros, send more money to keep the revolution going.

Donald Trump's America

Meanwhile, Donald Trump's America has a different vision. If the progs are angry now, I can only imagine their unbridled fury at an improved economy as America rebuilds from the disastrous Obama years.