sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Saturday, November 19, 2016

I Have Questions

Miley Cyrus

She is pictured (right) holding her 'comfort pet', on her way to a safe space, sad that President Trump won the election and irritated that conservatives are holding her to her word to leave the US - forever.

Cynical conservatives have suggested that she move to Saudi Arabia, where her progressive values will be more appreciated. As a Muslim country, The Magic Kingdom is known for its tolerance.

Cyrus on stage (left) sets a progressive example for America's youth that she feels will be missed once she's gone to Saudi Arabia. Message to Miley - not so much. But if the Saudis don't want her, maybe the Ugandans will take her and will make her 'their own'.

No matter what, Miley - make good your threat and leave. Have a little dignity...ok, not possible. Sorry for the suggestion.

My question: Why are you still here?

Mad Dog Mattis as Secretary of Defense

Known as "Mad Dog Mattis," the retired general was credited with a string of colorful quotes over the years, including: "Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet."

My question: How does General Mattis feel about the global warming mission for the military?


Vice President Pence attended the Broadway show, Hamilton. Brandon Dixon chose to single out the Vice President in a fit of progressive indignation. It's the sort of rude behavior that we've come to expect from progs. It was ironic that that Brandon Victor Dixon, the actor portraying Vice President Aaron Burr, who killed Alexander Hamilton in a duel, delivered the rebuke. Burr was later suspected of having conspired to traitorously divide the western states and territories from the nascent United States.

I saw it on the news and have a question: Why do they have a non-white homosexual person playing Aaron Burr, a straight white man? (or is it racist and homophobic to ask?)

I may pass on the play.

Pardoning Hillary

There are problems associated with any pardon of Hillary Clinton. Those actual (and jailhouse) lawyers who visit the blog may wish to weigh in with your opinions.

There are many violations of USC that we are aware of, but she has not been charged.  Each one of those violations would need to be laid out in a pardoning document along with the time period in which the crimes took place and a factual basis must be presented (think of an 'Albert plea').  

A presidential pardon is not blanket forgiveness, thus if Hillary committed acts of treason, for example, since she hasn't been charged with treason, the document would allege treason and she would be pardoned for it.

If the pardon misses something, she can still be prosecuted. 

Enter the Clinton Foundation, which remains under investigation. A pardon would surely have to include acts committed in connection with the foundation and the implications would have some far reaching ripples for those souls not important enough to receive Presidential clemency. The tax liability alone would keep a hundred IRS agents busy for the next four years at least even if Hillary herself received a pass. The pardon would present a road map for investigators to follow to round up the coterie of Clinton associates and would inevitably lead to their prosecution with Hillary as a witness. They may also rope Barack in as a witness or possibly in some cases as a co-defendant. We don't know at this point.

And what about Slick Willy? Would Barack pardon him too? And Huma Weiner - clemency or not? If he pardoned Huma Weiner, what about disgraced congressman and pedophile, Anthony Weiner?

Very messy.

Barack is keenly aware of his legacy, which doesn't amount to much at this point. A Hillary pardon would be one of those documents so vast in its bulk and so extensive in its detail, that it would shame him now and through history. Thus I don't think that he will do that before he leaves office.