sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Monday, January 30, 2017

Identity Politics: Who is the Bigger Victim?

I recommend this incisive analysis on the behavior surrounding the left's hysterical reaction to the election of President Trump. I'll quote a bit for you, but it's worth your effort to read the entire article.

"These groups just end up competing to see who is more oppressed because it is the mechanism through which they attempt to solve problems."
The problem arises when you have a discourse fully detached from reality. It’s beyond satirical and grotesque in how much stupidity is exhibited. A typical comment on my social feed might state something to the following effect, “I’m a woman of color,” she’s attending some school in Maine and she’s saying, “I’m afraid. Can I still go to class?” Just work it through. What’s going to happen when Trump becomes president? He sets up roadblocks on every street corner whereby he whisks away all people of color to the designated gang-rape centers? What could explain that hysteria? The only thing that explains it is a departure from reality — and hence collective Munchausen syndrome.
...Everyone who is suffering from collective Munchausen and mass hysteria are obviously of a particular political bent — the ultra-Left (who typically belong to the Democratic Party). And these people have built their whole ethos, edifice, zeitgeist on Identity Politics. Identity Politics leads to victimology poker and the oppression olympics. These groups just end up competing to see who is more oppressed because it is the mechanism through which they attempt to solve problems. If you and I are having a genuine debate, I would present my evidence and you yours. The better evidence would win out. 
That’s not what happens in an Identity Politics debate. My victimology card has to trump yours! therefore people have to come up with ever stronger cards and hands and end up falling into victim mindsets. This leads to people thinking absurd lines of thought like — and I’m being satirical here — : “How will I go to the store and feel safe buying tomatoes once Trump is in office?” or “What will happen to my children? Will Trump cause us to cannibalize our children?” “Will sex still be permitted?” When you’re getting into that kind of delusional discourse it seems extraordinary that this is viewed as reasonable discourse. These are professors, these are colleagues of mine who feel perfectly comfortable departing from reality in this way.

I suggested a couple of days ago that the Black Lives Matter (BLM) group has been pushed to the side by the hysterical left and their cheerleaders in the corrupt, smug, progressive, elite, mainstream media. The 'vagina marchers' have out-shouted BLM...for the moment.

The Muslims are now trying to out-shout the angry women who were marching for the right to continue to kill their unborn children - even though nobody is threatening that "right". Whether the Muslim victimhood is greater than that of BLM or the vagina marchers remains to be seen.

Do these fools ever step back and look at themselves?

Monday Update

LSP Update

There is no Melania Monday post from Lone Star Parson because Blogger obliterated his blog for insulting the prophet Mohammed and Islam. In fact, LSP is on an airplane bound for the UK today and for that reason as well, he's out of pocket for a couple of weeks. However while he's doing that, Juliette's son, Harrison. will be building and he will return with all of our favorite blog posts as time moves forward. He's in good spirits and is on a well deserved vacation.


ME- "What time is it? You said you'd be here two hours ago to work on the house."

BUBBA- "Uh, I had other things going on."

ME- "More important than doing work here for which you were to be paid?"

BUBBA- "I guess."

ME (channeling Trump)- "You're fired. This isn't a government job."

So it goes. There are repairs that need to be made to the present house before I can put it up on the market. Finding somebody who will show up on time and do an honest day's work is challenging. Thus, despite a busy schedule, I am taking time from my day today (Monday) to engage new people to show up on time and do what it is that they are being paid to do.

It seems to be such a burden to the trades to show up on time. Moreover, they feel put upon when I require that they work a full day for the agreed day's pay. So I've gone to Plan B. I'll report back on my success or lack thereof.

There is three feet of snow on the level at the White Wolf Mine in Arizona, and while I'd enjoy being there (in a completed home), I'm making do with 75 degree days in SoCal.

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