sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Wally's Demise (brief obs)

Context and Precedence

Saudi Arabia is an executive monarchy without a written Constitution or independent government institutions like a Parliament or courts, so accusations of corruption are difficult to evaluate. The boundaries between the public funds and the wealth of the royal family are murky at best, and corruption, as other countries would describe it, is believed to be widespread.

Wally's Demise

Prince Wally
King Salman has been shaking things up in Saudi Arabia, and he has positioned his son, Crown Prince Mohammed to control the military. Expect those moves to continue. The recent arrests of prominent Saudis are interesting but none so interesting as Al-Waleed bin Talal bin Abdulaziz al Saud (age 62). Waleed, who we'll call "Wally" here on this blog, has a long pedigree in Saudi Arabia and he has extensive financial holdings in the US. 

Wally set himself against President Trump, characterizing the president as "a disgrace". President Trump, who has known Wally for a long time, counter-punched as is his nature. 

Wally's arrest in Saudi Arabia four days ago was a surprise to the financial community and the catamites who attend him. It did not surprise me, because the arrest did two things. (1) It endeared King Salman to President Trump even more; (2) Wally is a flaming homosexual and in a part of the world that doesn't think that's appropriate, his membership in the Royal Family has been a source of personal disgrace to the current and previous kings. They finally figured out how best to serve their and America's best interests. In past years, Wally would have been shielded by USGOV. He has bought a lot of politicians --HOWEVER-- As an open and vocal critic of President Trump, that shield vanished - sorry Prince Wally.

I'm sure that Prince Wally's catamites, who have reportedly dropped off him like remoras swimming away from a dead shark, will find other new friends to service in Hollywood.

Joe Biden Weeps

A crippling blow to the Biden 2020 Campaign?
Wally (a personal friend of Barack Obama) is/was also THE principal money behind former Vice President Joe (Slow Joe) Biden's steam roller campaign to replace President Trump. Joe will have to go back to dragging the sack the old fashioned way to build up a war chest. 

Expect to see Old Joe to be making the rubber chicken circuit more frequently now, appealing to transgenders and "diverse people" to join him in his Long March to the White House. 

The old white man is positioning himself as the champion of the diverse, the freaks and misfits who thought that Bernie Sanders (another old white man) might be a good champion of the 'cause-based' voters who are attracted by identity politics.

Current Events

Donna Brazile

(Fox News) Donna Brazile's newly released 2016 campaign tell-all accuses the FBI and the Democratic National Committee she used to lead of a bungled response to the email hacks that threw the party into turmoil last summer.

Will Donna Brasile be invited to the Clinton's for Thanksgiving? Maybe not. And I don't think that Debbie Wasserman (the shamed and expunged leader of the DNC) will invite Brazile to join with her on the 8 crazy nights of Chanukah. BUT I'm sure that Brazile will strike both of them from the list of people she invites over for chicken and watermelon on Kwanzaa.

The Democrat talking points are now: Forget the past, let's move on...bright future ahead...a thousand points of light...let's put the Social Security fund in a lock box...the party of freaks and misfits.

And in California

This, just in: California Governor Jerry Brown has denounced President Trump's tax plan. He plans to lead a taxpayer's revolt, which he will call the Tea Party.

Brown has been floating the notion of raising the lid on California income tax from 11% to 15%. The Trump program would put a spike in his vision of yet higher taxes.

Californians started paying 12 cents a gallon more than they used to in order to speed income redistribution on November 1. They all want to do their part to help illegal aliens (democrat party voters even though they're illegal) settle in, and the $52 million per year that the tax increase will gather is only a small step in a much larger plan. 

That plan may be placed in jeopardy by President Trump. Will Brown's new tea party succeed? They're budgeting now to hire protestor/participants and to pay to have them bussed to locations and to have signs made for them - which is not a new strategy for the Democrats. Will Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA/San Francisco) be the first member of the New Tea Party?
As an aside, I signed up for the Joe Biden for President Exploratory Committee and promised to pay them (fingers crossed). The initial newsletters have been too dumb to share with you. Biden can only talk about the glorious Obama Years and the wonders of Obamacare. Apparently Rep. Pelosi is forming something too because she'd like to emerge like a phoenix from the shambles that is the Democrat Party. I expressed interest: "run, Nancy, run!" and will let you know what happens.