sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Friday, November 17, 2017

Checking In

'Going Galt' is more difficult than the fictional character in Ayn Rand's novel Atlas Shrugged. I guess that I could have packed up and moved to Ouray, CO like the character in the book. I like summers in that area and am up in Ouray County almost every summer - but the winters are exceptionally brutal.

On the White Wolf Mine property:

Progress is being made - slowly. One person asked me why I was relocating so far from the human stain. I replied with one word, "peace". I am WAY too young to rest in peace, but there is a clear benefit to live in a peace far from the progressive world -- far from unicorns.

3 NOV 07

To frame the photo, you're looking up toward the ridge line at the dig where the garage is being cut out of the mountain. You can see the power line snaking its way along the ridge to the mine property. I originally wanted the build farther off the ridge, but simple design realities caused me to reconsider.

This is the garage, viewed from an angle parallel to the ridge line.  Placement of the garage portion of the hovel in this place makes cutting the road far easier on this side. The drive-through garage has a road going out the other side as well (to the rear of the photographer). That road has to branch down to the Phase 2 area as well as looping back to the main road in.

It's winter in the high country and with the exception of the pines, the place looks dead. In summer there are ferns and wild flowers everywhere.

16 NOV 07

The footers are being completed and they presage re-bar and concrete foundation footings being poured. Everything up on the Mogollon Rim seems to take longer than you hope that it will, but things are inching along. The weather has been exceptionally mild with highs in the 60's and lows in the 40's. Could it be that the long promised global warming is delivering (at long last)?

Thanks Al Gore.

17 NOV 07

The county will inspect the footings and the steel today and they're planning on pouring concrete for the foundation tomorrow (Saturday).

Normally, you'd think that, Thanksgiving Week is an excuse not to work on par with Elk Season. However as soon as the concrete has set up, the masonry will be laid. It makes for a better graphic for the Internet than trenches and rocks.

Because the hovel at the White Wolf Mine is being built on a slope, there is incremental masonry to support the floor. Thus the need for additional footings.

The White Wolf Mine is a hard rock mine, and because of that, nobody should be surprised that there have been a number of rocks (left) unearthed to dig the footings and get the ground prepared for the shack to go in. Some of them had to be blasted into smaller rocks to get them out.

This excavation does not include the extensive excavation for the alternative septic system ($35K price tag) that will be going in a quarter mile away. That has not begun yet and is less critical at this point because we need to have the concrete poured and the masonry in so that framing can begin before weather sets in. (no, I don't trust Al Gore)

The plumbers and electricians still need to do their magic before the initial slabs can be poured. And it needs to be inspected and signed off by the county.