sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Saturday, December 2, 2017

A Few Thoughts

It's a slow news day for me. I'm saving up for the Sunday Sermonette tomorrow with a special on North Korea and China. 

While I'm off in and out of the USA, trying to make the world safe for democracy, the work goes on at the White Wolf Mine. I'll offer a few opinions before I give you an update on the mine.

In the matter of the Kate Steinle murder, The prosecutors in San Francisco could have explained to the jury about IMPLIED MALICE to the ignorant people who managed to get driver's licenses (the jury pool) and weren't clever enough to get out of jury duty and had plenty of time on their hands to sit through the trial...But, I'm told that they didn't. I'm sure of liberal skulduggery since it's San Francisco. It's one of those wicked cities in a generally corrupt and wicked state of the Union (up there with Chicago and Detroit). The California progressives are heralding and trumpeting the acquittal of the murderer and are blagarding President Trump/bad-mouthing the nation. It's what they do. 

Frankly, it's just another reason why I'm leaving the liberal scumbags behind. They can keep their progressive taxes and criminal illegal aliens.

Is it a tax cut? The Senate passed their version. The House of Representatives are likely to just vote the Senate Bill rather than to take it to a conference committee to pound out a compromise with the Bill that they passed. But is it a cut? It depends on who you talk to. I'm not sure.

On the photo above, you are looking from the edge of the upper level and there is a drop off that is indicated by darker vs lighter soil. Retaining walls will be built in addition to the footings above. Farther down hill, about 1/3 down from the top of the photo, you'll note an old logging road. There is a connector road going in to the rear of the photographer that will allow you to get from the upper property to the mining road that leads to the lower property.

The photo below represents a concrete pour on the lower level (the guest wing). Since these photos were taken, the crew has been laying block. I'm trying to get my ducks in a row for a trip up to the White Wolf Mine before Christmas. Hopefully they've poured the slabs by then, but there's quite a bit of block that has to be laid down (then another county inspection) before they do the slab. Plumbing and electrical has to be down before the slab as well. But it's coming steadily and that's the key. The weather forecast for the next two weeks calls for 0% chance of precipitation and highs in the mid-40's and low 50's. This is not unusual weather. As I've pointed out a number of times on this blog, the bulk of the moisture that falls on the Mogollon Rim comes in mid to late summer in the form of a monsoon.