sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Drilling Down on Fake News

Should the Corrupt Mainstream Media be Considered to be 

(NY Post) CNN on Monday walked back an “exposé” on Attorney General Jeff Sessions that turns out to have exposed nothing, except maybe the network’s own bias.

The original report back in May blared that Sessions hadn’t listed those two meetings with Russia’s ambassador on his FBI disclosure forms prior to his Senate confirmation hearings. Now CNN admits that the FBI told Sessions not to list any of his dozens of meetings with other countries’ diplomats as part of his senatorial duties.

To be fair, the May story did note the Sessions camp’s claims about the FBI’s guidelines. But it also quoted a Beltway “expert” as saying that Sessions should’ve listed every meeting anyway.

What forced CNN to “clarify”? A right-wing group’s Freedom of Information request produced an FBI e-mail from March that proved Sessions right.

The misleading May report became part of the litany of alleged Team Trump deception on its Russia contacts, showing up in The Atlantic as well as stories for ABC News, Buzzfeed, the Huffington Post and so on — all “confirming” Sessions’ supposed lack of candor in his verbal testimony.

Monday’s ’fess-up follows last week’s stunning CNN retraction of an incorrect report that WikiLeaks informed Donald Trump Jr. of dirt before releasing it publicly.

CNN (among others) plainly needs to start asking more questions when partisan sources hand it “bombshells” that seem to confirm the now-very-thin “collusion” narrative.

You'll note that the FBI told Sessions to do one thing in regard mandatory reporting and then when the corrupt, evil, lying, smug, sneering, sly mainstream media began to crucify the Attorney General in the court of public opinion, they stood by AND-SAID-NOTHING.

Reaction vs Overreaction

In Praise of Dramatic Overreaction

I might be a broken record. Whenever somebody comes to me with a problem, I have a stock response. Those of you who know me understand that I'm too old and wicked to change. "Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentation of the women!" I realize that it's a cliche Hollywood line and yet, I internalized it in my younger years and made it my own. 

This is my response to
SiGraybeard's blog yesterday. It
has nothing to do with this topic.
There is something to be said for dramatic and disproportional overreaction. President Trump has used that tactic too, but he hasn't thanked me personally -- yet.

Even so, overreaction must be moderated with the best you can deliver being meeted upon on deserving persons. Overreacting all of the time dilutes the value of the tactic.

This is not overreaction. Blowing up the Mosque too would be overreaction? Not really... terrorists maneuvering on your position? Engage. "Winchester on gun ammo, shoot Hellfires". That's not over reaction. Landing to take scalps is overreaction...according to some bleeding hearts.  30mm chain gun vs rag heads? Is it fair? A rusty knife would be better but a chain gun will do. North Koreans shoot off a missile aimed at Guam - retaliation that blows the Norks back into the stone age and glasses each military installation is reaction but it doesn't count as DRAMATIC overreaction. We need to come up with grander gestures as a nation.