sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Birds and Bees

The Reproduction Metric

A total fertility rate of around 2.1 live births per woman is considered to be the replacement level in developed countries: in other words, the average number of live births per woman required to sustain the population, provide workers to meet industrial, agricultural, and defense demands. In 2015, the total fertility rate in the EU-28 was 1.58 live births per woman (the same rate was recorded in 2014). The EU-28’s total fertility rate increased from a low of 1.46 in 2001 and 2002. The bounce back in parts of Europe may be explained by the popularity of the name "Mohammed" among newborns.

Is Europe unsustainable without the importation of millions of (often savage) Muslims? Many Euro-Leaders say that it isn't and it explains a great deal.

As Europeans decide not to have children, their 'guests' will reproduce them into relative oblivion in the course of a couple of generations and given that democracies impart one vote for each person, all that I can say is 'aloha snackbar'. Beards are about to become a whole lot more popular, and women's fashions will be delineated by how big of a tent is required to drape them.

Social Pressure

In China, elective abortions of females in utero has led to a gender imbalance of roughly 75% males to 25% females. Having a male child is a type of retirement policy in China because your son is required to care for you in your dotage. If you have a female child, her duty is to her in-laws and you're out of luck. How is the one-child policy working out for the Chinese? You do the math. 

China is slowly backing away from the one child policy for this reason. It reduces the population but creates an impossible imbalance that inevitably leads to social unrest.